Blow Me! Redback Blower Has Plenty Of Puff Says Pro Gardener.

I can still see leaves everywhere. When will they go? It’s funny, when you see them on the trees you stare at them for a while and think to yourself  “Wow. That’s a lot of leaves” (yes, I really know how to live). But when they hit the ground around this time of year they appear to have doubled in quantity. And that’s not counting the ones that are still clinging on to the tree for dear life like a weeping toddler holding onto his mum on the first day of nursery school.

I have not seen so many blowers about this year, can’t think why, there’s lots of blowing to do, but amongst the blowers I have seen, I have noticed an increase in the use of cordless machines.

It makes a lot of sense, they are much more powerful now, sometimes as powerful as petrol models, they are easy to use, lightweight and, in general,  much quieter iso a little less anti-social than big petrol models, plus, of course, far more convenient than cable-bound mains powered blowers.

I notice Dick mentioned a couple of these battery blowers in his, as usual, spot-on blog yesterday. Among these was a Redback model and last year, of course we tried out one this at the time, new model on a huge carpet of fairly damp leaves (always an issue) with a somewhat cynical professional gardener we know, who really didn’t expect the Redback E435C Cordless Leaf-Blower  to have much to offer.

Well he was pretty much knocked off his perch by the performance of the blower. As I said earlier, these were fairly wet leaves and the blower still managed to lift and shift them. Here are a few snippets from the article he wrote about the Redback

“...Firstly, size and weight. The Redback is about one-third of the size of my old blower, making it much easier to get into those tight corners around the rosemary. In terms of weight, even the most fragile of gardeners would have had no problem with this machine.”

Great. So it’s lightweight and easy to use. What about noise?

Blowers are notoriously loud…” he said “Rock guitarist Brian May, no stranger to generating the odd din himself, has got a point about the “horrible intrusion” generated by noisy leaf blowers. The Redback was nowhere near as bad as the machines that grace the girls’ school playground directly across our back garden fence each morning at this time of year – no small consideration.”

OK. It’s quiet. Great and easy on the ears. But does it do the job efficiently?

“…this machine is no slouch. A fully charged battery will afford at least 30 minutes blowing on full gusto – and if your garden is so large that 30 minutes is not enough, then the battery will recharge in no more than an hour – time enough for you to bag up what you’ve cleared, have a cuppa, and carry on.”

And what about power. I mean we saw it shift wet leaves like so much tissue paper but what did our pro gardener say?

“…has it got enough puff? The answer is not blowing in the wind. It’s a firm yes – as good as anything I have used before, in one respect better. It has three power settings – gentle, modest and full blast – useful if you want a bit more control when trying to corral those beastly little leafy things into a neat heap rather than blast the whole lot 10 feet into the air and shower them everywhere.”

If you add to that this considered review from one of our other customers….

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
“Well Made and Good Value” – Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

Brilliant…Very Well Made and Good Value. When comparing other products I found this to be robust and well engineered. If considering use with the 6Ah battery you would probably need to use the battery belt, otherwise it is very light weight and easy to handle with the lower capacity batteries. For medium to heavy use I would recommend the 4Ah battery. The output is easily adjustable with a single press switch situated in front of the carrying handle giving you a top speed of about 120mph

The overall performance of this machine is stunning.”

I think that should tell you al, you need to know. Add to this the flexibility of the whole Redback range, where one battery fits all and the , so far, 100% agreement of our reviewing customers that all the machines in the range are exceptionally good…

Redback Cordless Hedgetrimmer
“Terrific Product…Superior” -Redback Cordless Hedgetrimmer

You have a great product here, I first bought the trimmer with a 2Amp hr battery pack, then I bought the cordless hedge trimmer. Both terrific products, long use after charge up to 1 hour. So superior to the..(deleted to protect rival manufacturer) rubbish which are really only toys… I am retired with a large garden lawn and vegetable patch. You are the best and great value for money. Leaf blower my next buy.”

And what about the mower?

An Excellent, Well-Engineered Machine. I’m very pleased with this lawn mower… It’s very well made of sturdy construction, but quite easy to manoeuvre out of the shed and on the lawn.

Redback Cordless Lawn mower
“Excellent, Well-engineered Machine”Redback Cordless Lawnmower

“It does exactly what it says on the box, From empty, it takes an hour to fully charge the battery…it is a joy to use and I certainly don’t miss the trailing cable. I certainly recommend this machine, and MowDirect, just look at the quality of their website”

Well thanks!

If you want to see more like this, take a look at the range and reviews. 

There aren’t hundreds of reviews but they are building and Redback tools have been flying out of the door, and i  can honestly say the response across the board has been amazing. So embrace the future and have a look at Redback for your next piece of garden equipment.Take this guy’s advice…

I now have all the products in this range, The build quality is good, and the performance excellent!”

Fiar enough. Oh, and did our gardener ultimately decide the Redback blower was a good enough machine to use for his gardening work? I should tell you… reader, he now owns one!

You can see the Redback’s Blower’s performance on this video…

Enjoy your garden.     Drew Hardy


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