Battery-powered leaf blowers which give blasts of air equivalent to petrol machines

Many parts of the country have their first frosts of the year recently which sent the leaves tumbling faster than ever and they are starting to be a menace on paths and patios.

So here are three really powerful cordless leaf blowers to make clearing them away easier.

And before you tip them on to the compost heap remember to pack a few plastic refuse sacks with them to make your own rich dark leaf mould, ideal for potting plants and enriching the soil.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Light and powerful: Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

The first high-powered cordless blower of the three we have chosen to highlight is this one, the Redback E435C Cordless Leaf-Blower.

This is a machine we helped develop using Japanese lithium-ion cells which will not use their charge when not in use.

It has four speed settings so you can select the appropriate one for the thickness of leaves to blow into a pile and save battery power at the same time.

It is comparatively quiet compared to ones relying on 2-stroke engines and weighs only 2.5kg excluding the battery.

The blower itself costs £99, £30 off the recommended price but you will need to buy a power belt, battery and charger as well.

But once you have these, they will fit all the other equipment in the Redback range so in future if you want and hedge trimmer or edger or even a lawnmower they will be much cheaper as you will only need the tools themselves.

A 6Ah battery costs £149, a quick charger is £49 and a battery belt is £29.

The blower has a three-year warranty and is delivered FREE the next working day.

This one is from a German company with a long history of making top quality garden machinery.

The WOLF-Garten 24B 72v Li-Ion Power Cordless Leaf-Blower (Tool Only) has a 72v power cell to give 60 minutes running time.

WOLF-Garten leaf blower
German power: WOLF-Garten 24B 72V leaf blower

It is a really well balanced machine made easy to use with a shoulder strap.

There are two blowing speeds and it has been designed with a scraper to shift any trodden in patches of matted leaves.

It will give a 240km/hour blast of air and has both a shorter tube with a wide air current for drier leaves and a longer one to increase the air speed for the stubborn areas.

Delivered FREE the next working day it has a three-year warranty and costs £119, but remember that does not include the charger or battery.

But once purchased these will fit other tools on the company’s range.

And this one is from a leading company if the field from the USA.

The Snapper SXDBL 82v Cordless Leaf-Blower (Tool Only) will give you a 210km/hour blast of air and has the most powerful battery being used by garden machinery – 82V. We have pictured this machine at the top of the blog.

It has infinite adjustments for the air blast up to 210km/hour so it is simple to adjust to the nature of the debris you are clearing and the surface and the battery will run for 40 minutes.

It has a five year warranty and is delivered FREE within two to three working days and costs £149 but again, this is for the tool only.

Our full range of leaf clearing equipment can be seen on these pages and please give us a ring if you are not sure which machine is right for your requirements. We have years of experience in all aspects of garden machinery.

You can get us on 03454 588 905 during normal office hours.

Great advice from the start. Very good service and extremely satisfied with my purchase, I will be back for sure.” PAUL



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