Heavy-duty machines to clear thick falls of leaves

With the first frosts giving the early morning a distinctly nippy feel the autumn fall is starting in earnest.

Recent rains have led to matted leaves on paths becoming a slippery menace and lawns they are preventing light and moisture getting through so that the green grass is developing a yellowish hue visible when  they are swept away.

So time to get out the heavy duty leaf clearance gear for drives and lawns and these will handle even large areas.

Imagine clearing that with a tined rake and you will realise why they are so popular.

Al-ko Solo Lawn Vac
Vac for the lawn: Al-Ko Solo Lawn Vac

Lawn vacuums are becoming more popular for cleaning large areas. Imagine pushing a vacuum cleaner along a carpet – well these work just the same on a lawn or drive.

This one is from a German manufacturer. The Al-Ko SOLO 750P Lawn Vacuum / Leaf Sweeper has a 158cc Briggs & Stratton engine to drive the suction mechanism.

Debris is deposited in a 200-litre collector and with a 75cm working width it can clear large areas with the minimum of fuss.

There are four working heights so you can adjust according to the surface you are clearing and the thickness of the leaves.

And when it comes to the areas difficult to reach with the machine there is an optional hose kit, easily attached, for an extra £189.

We deliver the vacuum machine FREE the next working day following receipt of your order and it costs £669, £30 less than the recommended price. It has a two-year warranty and comes with FREE oil.

American manufacturer Billy Goat has a range of lawn and industrial vacuum equipment and one popular with gardener is this, the Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series Lawn Vacuum.

This is light and easy to push it is incredibly strong and will not only deal with leaves but all manner of other debris – even tin cans and bottles.

Billy Goat KV600 estate series vacuum
Clean solution: Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series Vacuum

The power is from a Briggs & Stratton engine and with a suction width of 68.5cm is another machine for really large areas.

The collection bag holds 151 litres and has commercial fasteners rather than a zip.

The machine has a steel impellor with five mean blades and an adjustable working height set by a dial.

Again, an hose kit is available for those awkward hard-to-reach areas.

Delivered FREE the next working day with FREE oil and a one-year warranty, it costs £929, £70 off the price recommended.

And large lawns need not be a problem to keep leaf free if you own one of these, the Lawnflite LS38 38” Tow-Behind Leaf Sweeper.

Attach it to the back of a lawn tractor with pin hitch it has a 95.5cm working width and the motion of the wheels drive 25cm brushes to sweep the leaves into 340-litre catcher.


Lawnflite Leaf Sweeper
Clean sweep: Lawnflite Leaf Sweeper

It has an adjustable working height which you can set according to the surface you are clearing and the thickness of the leaves.

When you need to empty the catcher there is a handy lever which can be reached from the driver’s seat.

This really handy little device costs £249 and is delivered FREE the next working day with a two-year warranty.

or, if you wnat something even more heavy-duty, what about theLike the SCH TS98 Heavy-Duty Leaf Sweeper (main picture0 .

At £979.00, a reduction of £120, on the RRP, it’s a great buy with FREE delivery , and is as robust and rugged as it looks.

It has a differential mechanism on the brushes that enhances manoeuvrability, a sweeping width of 91.5cm and a collecting bag capacity of 270 litres.

It’s built to last this one. In fact, as one customer sayid recently..”Excellent…not cheap, but does exactly what it says on the tin! Has revolutionised my lawn sweeping. I would expect this to last for years”

We have a huge range of leaf clearing equipment including a both petrol-powered and battery and you can see them on these pages.

And please ring us on 03454 588905 if you need any further assistance.




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