Ten top machines to keep the grass neat this winter

November has eased in with thick dew on the grass and morning mists and with darker evening there is little to encourage us into the garden.

But the lawns are growing quickly still and need to be trimmed once the dew has gone, once a week still, and may well need trimming all through the winter if it is a mild one.

So here are ten top machines for grass trimming all from top manufacturers around the world and at very keen prices.

This first one is from a top German company and also has the benefit of a Honda engine.

Al-Ko 4210 lawnmower
German power: Al-Ko 4210hpd lawnmower

The  Al-Ko 4210HPD Easy Mow Petrol Power Driven Lawnmower has a unique cutting deck called ULTIMOW which allows you to collect the cut grass, discharge it to the side and mulch it, but take care when mulching at this time of the year as the grass needs to be dry before you do this.

The Honda engine is a 135cc model, easy to start, reliable and quiet.

Made with lawns around 800m2 in mind it has extra-large drive wheels and seven cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm. The cutting width is 45cm and the grass box holds 65 litres.

The recommended price is £459 but we have it for sale for £329. There is a five-year warranty and FREE delivery the next working day and we include FREE oil.

Now one from another German manufacturer and this mower is ideal if you have trees and small flower beds to cut round. And it’s new and exclusive to MowDirect.

The Einhell LE-PM 51S HWT Comfort-Turn Lawnmower is unlike any other mower for a medium-sized lawn with its front cast wheel which makes driving it so much easier especially around long curves on the lawn.

This feature has already attracted many favourable comments from our customers like “Brilliant” and “Delighted with this mower…love it!“.  Einhell LE-PM lawnmower

Tight turns: Einhell LE-PM Comfort Turn LawnmowerIt has eight cutting heights and the clippings can be collected or discharged to the rear or side as well as mulch when condition allow.

A hefty 196cc Einhell engine developing 3.75hp provides plenty of power and it has a 51cm cutting width and can be used on areas up to around 1400m2. The grass box holds 70 litres.

It costs £299, £200 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with FREE oil and FREE next working day delivery.

Now to Italy for a mower which has proved to be very popular as it offers such great value for money. This is one of our MowDirect

superstars with nearly 100 5-star reviews to its name and comments like “…impressive, it’s a well designed and engineered product”, “Most excellent machine” and “Best Mower I Have Ever Had – Lots of Power and Easy to Use“.

With four ways of dealing with the cut grass, the Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has a 196cc Emak engine and is made for lawns up to around 2000m2 with its 51cm cutting width.

Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK lawn mower
Biggest lawns: Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK All Road Petrol Mower

With this one you can catch the cut grass in the 70-litre grass box which has an indicator to show when it is full. If you don’t want to collect you can discharge to the back or side or mulch.

It has extra-large drive wheels so it can handle all types of grass from the rough to the smooth.

The price is £319.95, £180 off the recommended price and it has a five-year warranty and FREE delivery the next working day, PLUS FREE OIL.

Those three mowers were from Europe, this one, a very solid mower is from the other side of the world in New Zealand.

Larger lawns: Morrison 54RS lawnmower

The Morrison Oxford 54RS Self-Propelled Petrol Roller Lawnmower will leave the iconic stripe which epitomises the lawns on country houses – but don’t worry it looks just as good in town.

The rear roller also lets you mow close to lawn edges without it tumbling into the flower bed.

Customers have said “...very well put together, easy to use” “Good quality mower” and “The quality of cut is very high”

It has an aluminium cutting deck which has a 15-year warranty and has a Briggs & Stratton 163cc easy-starting engine at its core.

Supplied with a 70-litre grass box it has been designed for lawns between 500m2 and 1500m2.

With a five-year warranty and FREE delivery, it costs £699, £300 off the recommended price. And you also receive a free 10-litre Jerry can worth £24.95 and FREE oil. 

Now back home and what could be more British than this one new for this year and designed especially for UK lawns.

Hayter Osprey
Real quality: Hayter Osprey 46 lawnmower

The Hayter Osprey 46 Push 3-in-1 Lawnmower (Code: 610A) is one you push along so you can be very precise around lawn edges rather than have the engine drag you a bit too close to the flowers in the border.

The cutting blade is drive by a 125cc Briggs & Stratton, mean on fuel and vibration levels and with a very effective engine silencer.

There are seven cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm and a grass box which holds 55 litres.

The cutting deck has a port which takes a garden hose so clearing down after mowing is a piece of cake. “another excellent machine from Hayter.Good manufacture and finish” and “Excellent lawn mower’ are some of the comments form customers.

The price is £269, £30 less than that recommended and it has a two-year warranty and FREE delivery the next working day as well as FREE oil thrown in. 

Larger lawns also need regular trimming, it’s not just the neat patch of grass at the back of the house. Indeed, larger lawns which are not touched through the autumn and winter can easily and very quickly come to look like a field more suited to sheep with the resulting ribald comments from ‘friends’.

Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider
Cracking value: Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider

So here are five ride-ons and lawn tractors all with fast free delivery for England and Wales.

This best seller is as popular as ever, the Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider.

Mountfield is a favourite when it comes to garden machinery and this one is narrow enough to get through most garden gates.

It has a 66cm cutting width but can tackle areas around 2000m2.

A 224cc engine starts at the turn of a key and it has five gears four forward and one reverse. The grass box holds 150 litres and can be emptied from the driver’s seat.

There are six cutting heights from30mm to 80mm.

It costs £1299, £100 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty. AS A SPECIAL OFFER Delivery is FREE the NEXT WORKING DAY if ordered by 3pm and even on a Saturday.

One customer summed up the attractions of this machine by saying “Excellent Midway Mower between Walk Behend and Tractor Mower.”Other reviews are here.

Now on to four lawn tractors made for larger areas, in the case of the Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor up to 5000m2.

This has twin blades, cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm and is a good collector of wet grass as the two blades create s strong air current in the cutting deck.

Mountrfield lawn and garden tractor
Favourite brand: Mountfield 1530M Lawn and Garden Tractor

The grass box holds 240 litres, can be emptied from the driver’s seat and bleeps at you when it needs emptying.

The engine is Mountfield’s own, 452cc, and deigned for lawn tractors with special engine lubrication to resist wear and give it a long life.

It also has low vibration levels and a six-speed gear box – four forward one reverse. The fuel tank holds six litres.

There is a pair of headlights, useful in the autumn and winter and hefty tyres to give better grip.

The price is £1749, £200 off the recommended price and, as part of our AUTUMN PROMOTION delivery is FREE the NEXT WORKING DAY and Saturdays if ordered by 3pm.

Great’, ‘Excellent Bit of Kit’ are a couple of comments. Others can be seen here.

This is one for the shortlist if you have a lawn around 6000m2.

The Mountfield 1538M Lawn Tractor is a strong garden workhorse with a 452cc engine developing 11.2hp and with a 98cm cutting width.

Great collctor: Mountfield 1538M lawn tractor

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 80mm and it has a 150-litre grass box emptied from the driver’s seat.

It has six gears, five forward and one reverse and with a turning circle of 140cm is very manoeuvrable. But there is a front bumper just in case….

The deck is washed out by attaching a garden hose and it has a pair of powerful headlights for when the murk descends.

Add an optional tow bar and you have a machine which earns its keep all year long – just thing how handle a towed leaf sweeper could be at the moment.

The recommended price is £2049 but we have it for sale at £1849 with FREE DELIVERY THE NEXT WORKING DAY INCLUDING SATURDAYS if ordered by 3pm. There is a five-year warranty.

Now a great lawn tractor from Germany with free tow bar, free garden trailer and even a free brush cutter.

The AL-KO T16-102HD Edition Lawn Tractor has a powerful Briggs & Stratton 656cc engine with a dynamically balanced crankshaft and key ignition.

Al-Ko T16-102 lawn tractor
Free trailer: Al-Ko T16 lawn Tractor

With a cutting width of 102cm and a 300-litre grass box it can take on areas up to 8000m2. The box can be emptied from the driver’s seat. And there are six cutting g heights.

It is very easy to drive with hydrostatic transmission and has wide tyres to give great grip on damp lawns and wet paths.

It costs £2499, £500 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty with FREE two to three working day delivery or next day delivery for a small extra charge.

‘Excellent at an Affordable Price,’ is one comment and you can see others here.

And this great tractor form Italy can take on areas up to five acres – 20,000m2.

The Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor with Electronic Grassbag Emptying has a 125cm cutting width and a 310-litre grass box which is emptied at the push of a button.

A 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine gives the power and this machine can either collect cut grass or discharge at the back.

Oleo-Mac OM125 -23KH garden tractor
Clever machine: Oleo-Mac OM125-23KH Garden Tractor

Twin blades create a powerful current of air in the cutting deck giving excellent grass collection.

It drives much like an automatic car with hydrostatic transmission.

It costs £3699, a substantial reduction on the recommended price of £5299. Delivery is FREE within two to three working days and can be arranged for the following day and on Saturday for an extra £40.

With the warmer temperatures the grass is continuing to grow longer and needs to be lightly trimmed throughout the year as long as there is no frost.

But make sure you don’t cut it too tightly – just knock the whiskers off.

There is a huge range of grass cutting equipment on our site which can see on these pages, here

And leaf clearing equipment as well from little blowers to wide sweeper which can be drawn behind trailers.

And if there is a particular machine which you can’t see please ring us on 03454 588905, we can help find what you want or suggest another solution to your problems. Our product advisors are highly regarded.

During my research for a new mower I contacted MowDirect on two occasions and received good honest advice. I would recommend MowDirect” R.GRISEDALE





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