Autumn Mowing – The Italian Way

You may well think that, being autumn, this is the time to hang up your hunters and sit back with a big mug of tea, watching ‘Strictly’ on catch-up and scoffing chocolate like your life depended on it.

Not so old fruit. Your onesie and maltesers sponsored ‘Gogglebox’ opportunity has not come just yet. Due to the weather being as it is, the grass is still growing and your lawn could still do with a bit of a trim. As I am sure you know, you may well need to stop regular mowing in November, depending on the temperature, so keeping it up now and having a last go won’t do any harm at all.

So how do we trim in autumn? Here are a small handful of carefully picked tips.

  1. Keep the cutting height high. That way you won’t be left with a ‘shorn’ lawn for the Winter and it will go on looking good until it eventually fades. Leaving it in the best condition you can for the cold wet season will make it stronger and more capable of dealing with the destructive affects of the cold season.
  2. If the lawn is a bit damp, cut less on each pass so you don’t get so many clumps in your collector
  3. Empty the grass collector more often so you can keep an eye on possible clumping as it will stop efficient collection.
  4. Be aware that if grass is clumping in the collector it is probably doing so under the cutting deck, and this could affect the mower’s all round performance.  Stop half way through your cut, or if you feel there are problems, and with the mower COMPLETELY switched off, clear any clumps from the deck before you carry on. Be careful , if you need to tip it, which way you tip the mower if it is a petrol model. You don’t want fuel or oil going into the wrong places.
Autumnal Superstar Turn: Oleo-Mac G48-TK Comfort Plus

What you will need is a reliable and powerful lawn mower to carry out this task and you could do no better than looking at the fabulous range of Italian made, Oleo-Mac petrol mowers, all of which are popular with our customers for their value and quality, and many of which are massive superstar sellers for MowDirect with glowing reviews and fans across the country. Crikey, it’s even got an autumnal colour scheme.

One of these high performance, great value mowers is an important part of our special autumn deal collection.

Yes the Oleo-Mac G48-TK Comfort-Plus Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is a powerful and robust machine with a high quality, durable steel deck and a host of great features like a large (60-litre) grass collector so you have to empty less frequently.

It has smooth ball-bearing mounted wheels for easier motion and more comfortable operation and a very fuel efficient, low emission but high performance OHV engine. This engine starts easily and provides plenty of oomph to both the blades and the self-propulsion.

It has a generous cutting width of 46 and is mulch ready, with an optional kit that can be purchased separately.

It costs just £219.95, saving you £130 on the RRP. You get FREE delivery, next working day to mainland England, Wales & Scotland and FREE oil is included, as is an extended 5 year warranty. 

This mower, one of our 4/5 Star Review rated Superstars has caused excitement amongst customers with a long list of comments like…

Five star product

Brilliant 18inch mower at affordable price…”

“…a great mower for the price…good build quality and excellent features

“Great Mower. Fantastic product. Good value as well…Would highly recommend for medium sized lawns.”

…incredibly easy to start… I’m delighted that it cut damp grass with no trouble at all…

“...really really impressed and have already recommended both the mower and MowDirect to friends considering a purchase.

So why not take a look here and see what other previous customers thought of this mower.

Ring us on 08454 588905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat) if you would like out advice before ordering, and take a peek at these pages for a wide range of mowers and other lawn care grass cutting equipment

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