Indian Summer? What Happened? Take Solace in Our Autumn Deals Pages

That massive Mancunian master of the louche and laconic and yet witty lyric, Mr Morrissey, once warned of panic on the streets of various cities including, if memory serves me right, London and Birmingham and I rather feel he should be joined by my colleagues Mr Drew Hardy and Mr Dick Roberts.

Let me explain, it wasn’t exactly panic but they did rather get me worked up last week, excited, animated and running around  gathering bikinis, suncream and ice cold drinks as though there was a run on the shops in July. All because of the apparent heatwave that was due to overtake us.

Now. I am not, in any way, denying that the weather at the weekend was a little more clement than we are often used to at this time of year but calling the tepid weather of the weekend a Heatwave? That’s tantamount to calling two seconds of drizzle a deluge or identifying Theresa May’s tenure as Prime Minister a roaring success.

Meanwhile, a large storm bearing 100 mph winds and a Shakespearean name that doesn’t exactly suggest ‘storm und drang’, ‘Ophelia’, has attacked the coast of Ireland, the worst storm to hit the Emerald Isle for 50 years apparently. Awful.

What was good though, at least according to my friend, and professional Gardener, Brody, was that this weekend’s mild (not hot, mild) weather enabled gardeners across the land to get out there and tidy up, clean up and clear up in weather that made it a pleasant experience. And the lawn mowers were still a buzzin, certainly in my part of the country, as the fairly warm weather (no ‘scorchios’ here) made it possible to cut grass that is still growing.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Exclusive Cordless Power – Redback Cordless Leaf Blower. Do it while it’s dry!

In fact, as I write now, the sun is gently shining on occasion, and the sky is the same hazy grey blue as the eyes of the dreamy guy who delivers my weekly magazines. In other words, it’s the perfect weather for cutting your still growing lawn or blowing or sweeping away the fallen leaves.

In fact, as if to illustrate the point, fallen leaves are a-blowin’ around in the air right this minute outside my window.

So. Maybe the Indian Summer was a bit of a red herring, perhaps we didn’t get the last blast of scorching sunshine we were after, but look on the bright side. And the bright side is here in our amazing Autumn Deals pages.

As Brody has told me. First of all. It’s dry. So get those leaves up now. Wet leaves are much harder to shift, and can start to do damage to your lawn, so get yourself a well-priced but powerful blower, like the exclusive Redback Battery Powered  Blower, and blow them the heck off the lawn, pile them up nicely and use them for mulch.

The RedbackE435CQ-2Ah Cordless Leaf-Blower (Special Offer) is £199, including battery, fast charger and a power belt that makes it even lighter to use. It is so good it was described by a recent customer thus…  “The overall performance of this machine is stunning.”

Or you could go for a sweeper. And I don’t mean the football position characterised by Franz Beckenbauer possibly the best German footballer ever (yes, I do know who he was and I understand the offside rule). If you have a large lawn or

Billy Goat KV500 Estate Series Lawn vac
Clean sweep: Billy Goat KV600

lawns, a fabulous sweeper like the Billy Goat KV600 Estate will do the job and, like Franz, will do the job easily, with style and clean up in no time at all.

And when it comes to the lawn, it would be wrong of me not to highlight at least one jolly decent lawnmower that can carry out your last couple of cuts of the season.  What about the MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower?  Exclusive to MowDirect and with a reputation that is growing faster than a speeding ticket, this robust and well-built mower is an amazing bargain at £199.00.

You don’t get many steel decked, 3-in1, single lever height adjustment, grass-full indicator fitted mowers for that kind of money.

It is described by customers as “…a great machine for the price., “Great value, robust and cuts well.” and “…a first class product“.

Basically, you need to visit these pages and take advantage of our amazing autumn deals and all resentment at the lack of a proper Indian Summer this last weekend will melt away as you bask in the rays of sunshine given off by MowDirect’s deals and service…OK, perhaps that’s a bit overstated but you know what I mean.

And if you need help and advice, you need go not further than to the keypad of your smart phone and call us on 0345 4588 905 and one of our friendly, excellent product advisors will be glad to help you.

Now,I need to go and see to packing away my summer clothes at last. Ah well.  See ya.  Holly.



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