Ten top machines for the autumn garden challenges

Autumn has blown in with gales and lashings of rain, but it’s still warm enough for plants to flourish.

Window boxes and tubs still have plenty of life in them and don’t bother getting set for the big autumn prune yet. I mean trimming back summer growth not a giant dried plum.

So here are ten top machines for the autumn garden, including a Which? Best buy.

MowMaster Lawnmower
Amazing value: MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 lawnmower

To start with, three mowers, and we can’t compile a list without including this, the MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower.

Terrific value for a self-propelled mower it has a 43cm cutting width and a 123cc engine to power the blade and provide the propulsion.

Ideal for a small to medium-sized lawn it will cut smooth lawns and rougher patches as well and will collect the cut grass in the 40-litre grass box and discharge to the back as well and there is a mulching capability for use when conditions allow.

As customers have commented… “First class product”, “the cut was effortless”. 

The box has an indicator to show when it is full.

There are five cutting heights and when you are finished for the day, just attach a garden hose to the cutting deck to clean it out and minimise corrosion.

‘Excellent Performance and Value’ wrote a recent customer who reviews the machine.

It costs £199, has a two-year warranty and free delivery the next working day with free oil.

If you have a lawn with trees, garden furniture or statues and bird houses this is the mower for you as it is designed to scoot round obstacles with no fuss.

The Einhell LE-PM 51S HWT Comfort-Turn Lawnmower is new and exclusive to us and has a front castor wheel to give manoeuvrability.

Einhell LE-PM lawnmower
Tight turns: Einhell LE-PM Comfort Turn Lawnmower

With a large 196cc engine it has eight cutting heights and lets you collect the clippings, discharge to the back and side or mulch.

With a 51cm cutting width it can tackle large lawns up to around 1400m2 and it has a grass box which holds 70 litres.

Very well built and would be happy to recommend it and would buy it again, also very well priced compared to any other mower with this width of cut” was a recent customer’s view.

It costs £249, an amazing £250 off the recommended price and we deliver it free the next working day with a two-year warranty.

That was from a leading German garden machinery company as is this one, the Al-Ko 51BR Power-Driven Combi Lawn Mower with a 51cm width of cut and a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine.

The company’s Ultramow cutting deck is made from a single piece of pressed steel and makes the mower very solid and improvers the airflow which leads to better collection and mulching.

You can also discharge the cut grass to the rear.

Al-Ko 51BR mower
German engineering: Al-Ko 51BR lawnmower

It has cutting heights from 27mm to 75mm and has a 65-litre grass box with an indicator to show when it is full.

The recommended price is £479 but we have it for sale for £369 with free delivery and a two-year warranty – five years for the cutting deck.

Now on to three machines to keep the lawn healthy and let it feed and breath.

The Al-Ko Comfort 38E Combi-Care Electric Aerator / Scarifier is a neat machine for small to medium-sized lawns and it has two cassettes.

The aeration one has 14 blades which cut small slits into the turf to allow moisture and nutrients through to the roots.

And the scarifying cassette has 24 sprung hooks to ease out dead grass and moss and all the other rubbish which accumulates on the lawn’ surface including moss.

Al-Ko 38 e combi care aerator scarifier
Great value: Al-Ko 38E combi care aerator scarifier

The power is from a 1300W electric motor and there are five working depths selected by a dial adjuster. It also has a 55-litre catcher for the debris.

It has been designed with a smooth base to make cleaning easier.

It costs £169, £20 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with free oil and free delivery the next working day.

Well Worth The Money” according to a recent customer’s review.

Now a machine which has been a best seller for some time.

The Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier is suitable for lawns up to 1000m2 and has a 118cc petrol engine to turn 18 steel blades which tease out dead grass, flat weeds and all the other debris which inhibits growth.

It has a 35-litre catcher but you should leave this off and rake up the debris if the lawn has not been scarified for some time – you’ll be amazed at just how much there is.

The engine is Einhell’s own 118cc model and it has six working heights and a 40cm working width. Large wheels make it easy to steer.

Good Machine and Price,” and “Brilliant Scarifier” are two recent comments.

It costs £279.95, £220 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

And now a scarifier for the professional or very keen amateur.

Weibang pro lawn scarifier
One for the pro: Weibang-WB384RB-Pro-Lawn-Scarifier

The Weibang Intrepid 384RB Pro Lawn Scarifier has a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine designed to be easy to start and to have a long life.

This one has 22 carbon steel blades and an adjustable working depth and has a working width of 38cm. The machine can be disengaged when you are crossing paths and drives.

It has a pressed steel chassis and a powder coated finish to resist corrosion. The collector holds 40 litres.

It is delivered free in two to three working days and has a five-year warranty and costs £699.

The leaves have started tumbling and don’t be tempted to ignore them for they prevent moisture and light getting to lawns and flower beds.

And when it comes to clearing up this machine has just been voted a best buy by Which?

The Mitox 280BVX PREMIUM Petrol Blower-Vac has a 26.7cc engine developing 1.1hp and is comparatively quiet so you should not annoy the neighbours.

It also has low vibration levels and a cruise control and has a shoulder strap to make it easier to use for long periods.

It also allows you to switch from blowing to vac modes with no tools needed.

The blower produces a 161mph air blast and when used to collect the leaves it will shred and compact the debris to a twelvth its volume.

Mitox Leaf Blower
Which? Best Buy: Mitox 280 BVX Leaf Blower

This can then be emptied on to the compost heap where it will quickly rot away.

Another great Mitox product, very easy and reliable starting, exceptional build quality and a powerful unit‘ says a customer of this award winning machine.

It costs £199, £40 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a two-year warranty.

Next a couple of lawn vacs, an ideal way of clearing away all the debris accumulated through the summer including autumnal leaves.

This is a really popular machine, the  Billy Goat LB352 ‘Little Billy’ Lawn Vacuum.

It can handle all manner of debris including twigs and is simplicity itself to use with a 51cm clearing width making it suitable for up to half an acre and has eight working height settings.

The collection bag holds 105 litres and is very easy to detach and empty.

It is ideal for clearing round tennis courts, swimming pools and patios as well as lawns and you can use it on gravel drives and leave the stones untouched.

There is also a hose kit for an extra £149 for clearing behind sheds other awkward places.

It costs £589.99, £40 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a one-year warranty.

And for the professional this new machine for this year will tick all the boxes, the Weibang Intrepid LV800 Wheeled Leaf & Litter Vacuum with Hose Kit.

A 163cc Loncin engine provides the power, it is self-propelled so it can handle sloping ground with ease.

It is simple to navigate with castor front wheels and has a 240-litre debris box and an 80cm working width so you can use it over really large areas.

A hose kit is provided to so can vac round flower beds, steps and all those difficult spots which otherwise would mean using a brush.

This machine is delivered free of charge within two to three working days and has a two-year warranty. It costs £1499.

And finally a terrific deal on a German-engineered lawn tractor.

Al-Ko T16-92HDH lawn tractor
Twin cylinder engine: Al-Ko T16-92HD lawn tractor

The Al-Ko T16-92HD Special Edition Lawn Tractor is currently on special offer and has a free steel tipping trailer, free petrol brushcutter and a free tow hitch in the price.

Made with lawns around 6000m2 in mind it has a twin-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine and is ideal for damp British lawns with a special Hi-Lift blade to create powerful air currents under the cutting deck to force cut grass into the 220-litre grass box.

And this can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat.

It has a hydrostatic driver – much like an automatic car – and six cutting heights and large tyres to give excellent grip making it an excellent year-round lawn tractor.

If you order by 3pm you can have it delivered the next day in England and Wales, FREE OF CHARGE! Scotland takes a day or so longer.

It costs £2299, £400 off the recommended price and has a five-year warranty. ‘Lovely Machine’ ‘Very Impressed’ are a couple of customers’ comments.

You can see other mowers here, leaf clearance equipment here and lawn tractors and ride-ons here.

And please ring us on 03454 588905 if you have any questions about these great pieces of kit or any other queries on garden machinery.



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