Mighty Mountfield – The People’s Choice – Grab One Of Them For Less In Our Summer Sale

What’s big, red, shiny, hard working and popular? No it’s not Donald Trump, he seems to spend most of the time on his golf course and popular? Hmmm. Let’s not go there right now. No the answer is, of course, a Mountfield Tractor. My old ale loving mate Dick blogged yesterday about three of their top ride-ons, all of which are very popular with the tractor buying public.

Mountfield 1538M SD Lawn Tractor “Excellent little workhorse

Mountfield has been a leading brand in the UK now for some time, more than half a century, in fact, with a well-earned reputation for quality, value and high performance that appeals to customers young and old.

Mountfield is the best selling brand of petrol lawnmowers in the UK. But why so popular? Quality and reliability are probably key here. These arepercieved, rightly, as honest, no frills, good value, hard-working machines that just do the job. The number of customers who pepper their Mountfield praise liberally with ‘does what it says on the tin’ type comments, is something of a testament to this.

Yes. It’s safe to say our customers love them like Nicole Sherzinger loves smearing yoghurt on her nose. Perhaps it is, as one customer puts it, that a typical Mountfield Ride-on, in this case the 1538M, is “Highly Recommended – Saving So Much Time!” and an “Excellent little workhorse!!!

This is an epithet one could attach to a number of Mountfield tractors, the 1530m for example, a fantastic machine and a superb bargain which is incidentally currently at £1699 in our SUMMER SALE instead of the usual £1899 so a massive £200 saving.

It’s is very popular ride-on indeed,  garnering such comments as “Great…just go for it!”, “Amazing lawn tractor”, “fantastic machine“, “a lot of bang for your buck” and “very powerful and well made”. 

The Best Selling, and ever popular Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor “a lot of bang for your buck.”

Plus, at the moment, it comes with FREE next day Premium delivery or FREE Premium weekend delivery , which means that for a limited time it comes to you assembled, tested, tuned, cleaned NEXT day or SATURDAY for NO CHARGE… oh and there’s free oil thrown in as well.

And then there’s the 1538H, described by one landed gentleman as, “Fantastic…Lovely little beast for my country gaff.” Even the smaller ride-ons have their big fans, with the 827H Compact Lawn Rider recently being called an ‘Outstanding ride-on‘ that has “…literally changed our lives:“And you can’t say fairer than that.


Mountfield 1538H-SD lawn tractor
Side discharge: Mountfield 1538H-SD lawn tractor – “lovely little beast”

We have a great range of Mountfield ride-ons, as well as, of course, Mountfield petrol lawn mowers, electric and cordless lawn mowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and more.

If you need any advice choosing the right machine, you could do worse than giving a call to our amazing product team. They will be happy to offer you impartial advice, not sales chatter designed to making you spend more money, proper advice and help. Don’t take my word for it, the customers tell us so…

MowDirect are knowledgeable, approachable, unhurried and friendly without sales hassle, and next day delivery after I made my choice.” DAVID

So go on. Think seriously about a Mountfield tractor and enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy

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