The Mountfield lawn tractors for bigger lawns – and with next-day delivery

The garden has started to show signs of the arrival of autumn. A few leaves are starting to fall, Michaelmas Daisies are flowering and the vegetable gardens and allotments are burgeoning.

Lawns parched in June are growing healthily and need regular trimming to keep them a little longer to look their best.

And many a gardener’s thoughts will turn to the benefits of a lawn tractor to keep larger areas of grass in check as well as tow a garden trailer to lighten the load.

So if your thoughts are turning in a similar direction, here are three machines from Mountfield, one of Britain’s favourite brands, worth considering.

Mountfield 827H compact lawn rider
Easy driver: Mountfield compact lawn rider

For smaller lawns which are too large for a conventional mower, this little machine will do the trick.

The Mountfield 825M has a cutting width of 66cm making it narrow enough to pass through most garden gates and along narrow paths.

The company’s own 2224cc engine starts with a key and it has four forward and one reverse gears.

The cut grass is collected into a 150-litre box which can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat and it has six cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm.

If you prefer to mulch the clippings you can buy a mulch kit for an extra £99.

Great Little Mower, Cuts Like a Dream‘ was the comment of a recent customer.

The price is £1249, £100 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty. Delivery within two to three working days is free but for an extra payment you can order by 3pm and have it delivered the following day – even on a Saturday.

For larger areas like small paddocks or orchards the Mountfield 1538M-SD will keep the land looking neat.

This is principally a side-discharge tractor but a mulch plug is included in the price for the main lawns. And it has a fitted tow bar.

Side discharge: Mountfield 1538M-SD Lawn Tractor

The power comes from a 452cc GGP engine especially designed for garden tractors

And twin blades under the cutting deck create powerful air currents to discharge the cut grass and minimise the risk of blocking the discharge of the trimmed grass when it is discharged.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 80mm and it has chunky tyres for better grip when it gets damp and a pair of headlights for when it gets murky.

Well Built Mower that gives a Good Wide Cut” is a recent customer’s comment. “Good Value. Does the Job Well” is another.

This machine costs £1449, £200 off the recommended price and it has a five-year warranty.

Free delivery is within two to three working days and next day delivery is an option for another charge.

And another favourite from Mountfield is the 1530M Lawn Tractor with an 84cm cutting width making it suitable for lawns around 5000m2.


Great collctor: Mountfield 1538M lawn tractor

It has similar twin blades and cutting g heights from 25mm to 80mm and a grass box which holds 240 litres and bleeps when it needs emptying.

With a six-speed manual gearbox, five forward and one reverse it is a best-selling lawn tractor which is very comfortable to drive with a padded, sprung and adjustable seat.

It has a cutting width of 84cm and you can buy a deflector kit for use when cutting long grass and a mulch plug as optional extras.

One word summed it up for one recent customer: Great’.’ Excellent Product and Superb Service’ was the view of another.

The tractor costs £1699, saving £200 on the recommended price and it has a five year warranty with free delivery within two to three working days and next day delivery available for an extra cost.

We are the nation’s leading retailer of lawn and garden tractors and our full list can be seen here.

Please ring us on 03454 588905 if you would like our advice before buying – we have years of experience and are here to help.

Great customer service, thank you!!” CHRIS



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