A Summer Opening – At Her Majesty’s Convenience

It gets me every summer. From 22 July – 1 October 2017 the neoclassical behemoth, crouching at the end of the Mall, that we all know (and love?) as Buckingham Palace opens its doors once again to the public. My thoughts immediately go to Her Majesty and what she does while people are photographing her chairs, grubby children are wiping their hands on her  velvet curtains and big blokes in shorts are wondering if there is a bar

She does not, as my young niece Imelda rather irreverently suggested “push off to Ibeza for a few weeks of sun, shots and slamming tunes”, not does she hide in Buckingham Palace trying to avoid accidentally bumping into surprised American tourists when she nips in to the famous white drawing room to retrieve her reading glasses from the back of the George 1V sofa. No. As everyone knows, she spends most of her summer at Balmoral recuperating and, presumably, reading, sleeping and shooting things.

In fact she doesn’t spend much time at Buck House at all these days. Seems a waste doesn’t it. Perhaps she should rent it out as an Airbnb. It’s a growing thing. It seems more and more people are opening up their houses to itinerant travellers and visitors than ever before as it offers tourists places to stay that are somewhat cheaper then the thousands of expensive hotels in this city. It’s very popular in Wimbledon during the glorious fortnight of tennis and tantrums, people move out and rent their houses for the whole two weeks.

Like the Queen though, who obviously gets away to avoid the crowds, I wouldn’t want people criticising my choice of wallpaper or grubbing up my bathroom. I don’t suppose the Queen let’s just anyone in her personal bathroom and I am right with her.

And what of my garden? I mean you might be perfectly fine with strange bottoms lounging on your leather recliner and unknown faces in your bathroom mirror, but do you really want people out there picking your herbs and tramping over your begonias?

No. I can’t see our Queen allowing Australian backpackers to kip in the red Bedchamber, or Bob from Slough photographing the royal WC, but at least there is the summer opening,  an incredibly popular tourist attraction bringing in record numbers of visitors each year… hundreds of thousands.  I just hope they’ve got enough tea cups and cleaned the carpets.

So why would you visit Buckingham palace? Well, our noble Queen does have a fantastic art collection including Canalettos and Van Dycks (not Dick) some amazing furniture, hangings, porcelain and glass and and if you look closely in the Green Room you might even see Prince Andrew’s copy of the famous Athena poster of the tennis girl showing her bottom  (not really, but, you know…Prince Andrew?).

Then there are the royal Bentleys and Rollers and carriages (including the famous gold coach that they use for coronations).

The 39 or so acres of gardens at the big house are well worth seeing and again receive an extraordinary number of visitors. Nice stripes on the lawns and a massive lake that serves as Her Majesty’s duckpond. There’s also a rose garden and some lovely tennis courts. Of course this is where she holds her famous garden parties and, no doubt, the odd casual barbecue with some german sausages and a whole swan.

So I would say Buckingham Palace is well worth a visit this summer. Sadly, although I gave it some thought, I shan’t be opening up my place for visits or overnight accommodation.  My laundry basket is for no eyes other than mine and I don’t want strange hands in my biscuit tin.

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See ya.    Holly

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