Ten top mowers, some new and exclusive, to give your lawn the garden party look

‘Doesn’t your lawn look nice,’ the ultimate compliment for anyone hosting a summer party with the inevitable cremated sausages and salads and tepid wine.
With the recent rain, lawns have greened up nicely and should now be looking their best.

The secret to keeping them looking good is regular trimming. How short you cut the grass is up to you, but lawns look their best if they’re not trimmed to within an inch of their lives. That way they will produce fresh growth and resist any dry spells without yellowing excessively and will also stand up to kids’ cricket games and the march to the food table and bar.


Redback cordless lawnmower
Battery power: Redback E137C cordless lawnmower

Our site has a massive selection of mowers to suit all lawns and pockets so here are ten top mowers to keep the grass looking its best and the envy of neighbours and friends.
And the first is an exclusive machine we helped to develop using the latest battery technology, light and just the job for a lawn around 400m2.
Specifically designed for the smaller British lawn, the Redback E137CQ-2Ah Cordless Lawnmower has a 40V battery for power and can re-charge in 7- minutes.
It is hand propelled so you can get around lawn edges easily and has a 40-litre grass box and five cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm. The cutting width is 37cm.
‘Well recommended mower from a well recommended seller at a very Good Price’ says a recent purchaser.
It costs £249 compared with the recommended price of £347, a substantial savingand is delivered FREE the next working day with a three-year warranty.
The battery and charger are included and the battery fits all other products in the Redback range.
If you like a lawn with a striped finish – and that does appear to be the fashion for the best dressed lawns this year – then have a look at this new and exclusive machine.
With an 18in cutting width and suitable for lawns around 800m2, the Lawnflite 18SPR Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower has been designed by a leading manufacturer to give a top quality mower packed with features.

Lawnflite 18spr rear roller lawnmower
Stripes: Lawnflite 18SPR rear roller lawnmower

It will cut right down to 17mm and, as it has a rear roller, you can mow right up to the edges without it toppling into the flower beds.
It has a 135cc engine and a throttle control so you can increase the revs when climbing slopes. The rear roller is split making it easier to turn.
It has a steel cutting deck giving it rigidity and strength and there is a 60-litre grass box for the clippings and there is an indicator to show when it needs emptying.
It costs £299, a full £100 below the recommended price and we deliver it FREE on the working day following receipt of your order with a two-year warranty. A bottle of FRE oil is included.
Another exclusive and this one’s from another favourite brand.
The Mountfield SP180R Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower had a 100cc engine and starts very easily.
The cutting width is 46cm making it suitable for lawns around 800m2 and it has been designed with a skid plate to protect the lawn should the mower ‘ground’ on uneven areas.

Mountfgield SP180R rear roller lawnmower
Exclusive stripes: Mountfield SP180R rear roller lawnmower

The grass box holds 55 litres and has an indicator to show when it’s full and it has five cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm.
And when you’ve finished, just attach a garden hose to the steel cutting deck to clean it out.
‘I am completely satisfied with performance, handling and end product, said a recent customer. Other reviews are here.
The machine costs £399, a saving of £100 on the recommended price and we deliver it the next working day for FREE with a two-year warranty and, again, FREE Oil.
The next rear-roller mower is from a British company, long established and with a justified reputation for making excellent machiens.
The Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Autodrive Rear-Roller Lawnmower (Code: 619) has a 41cm cutting width so it is suitable for lawns around 500m2 and is based on an aluminium cutting deck to give resist corrosion and give it a long life.

Hayer Spirit 41
Striped lawns: Hayter Spirit 41 lawnmower

There are seven cutting heights from 13mm and it has been designed with front fins to smooth the grass before it is cut and give it a more even finish.
The 125cc Briggs & Stratton engine provides the power and the cutting deck is lined with plastic to keep down the noise and resist corrosion.
The grass box holds 55 litres
And it also has a cutter bar friction disc to protect the crank in case you hit a solid object.
A recent customer commented ‘Buy this one and have a smile on your face every time you mow the lawn!’ Other reviews are here.
It costs £419 compared with the recommended price of £495 and has FREE next working day delivery and a three-year warranty. Now the first of rotary mower and one new for this year and exclusive to MowDirect.
The Mowmaster 43pd 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawnmower is terrific value for money with a 43cm cutting width powered by a 123cc engine and with five cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm.
Suitable for lawns around 600m2 it has a 40-litre grassbox which has an indicator to show when it needs emptying.

MowMaster Lawnmower
Amazing value: MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 lawnmower

With this mower you can either collect the clippings or discharge them at the back or mulch them. And it has large rear wheels to handle rough ground.
‘This is a first-class product. I would recommend this machine to anyone. An excellent buy,’ says one recent customer. Other reviews are here.
It costs £199 a £50 saving on the recommended price of £249 and is delivered FREE the next working day. And there is a two-year warranty as well as a bottle of FREE oil.
Now a German-engineered mower, and another exclusive to MowDirect.
The Einhell GC-PM 46 S-M Self-Propelled 4-wheeled Petrol Lawmmower has a 139cc engine and a powder-coated cutting deck to resist scratches and corrosion.

Einhell GC-PM 46 s-m lawnmower
German engineered: Einhell GC-PM s-m lawnmower

The 46cm cutting width means it can tackle medium to large lawns and it has a 50-litre grass box but there is a mulch kit so you can mulch the cut grass on warm days if you like.
There are nine cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm and it is equally at home on rougher areas and flat lawns.
One recent customer wrote ‘This German-designed petrol lawnmower from Einhell boasts quality features throughout and represents excellent value for money.’
Delivered FREE the next working day, with FREE oil, it costs £219.95, £80 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty from Einhell.
Now back to Hayter for a great little mower suitable for lawns around 600m2 the Hayter Motif 41 Push 4-Wheel Lawn Mower (Code: 437) has a 150cc Briggs & Stratton engine giving plenty of power if you want to cut thicker, less well-kept areas.
It is a very easy engine to start with few exhaust emissions and has eight cutting heights from 25mm to 55mm and a grass box which takes 50 litres of clippings.
The cutting width is 40cm and being a hand-propelled mower is easy to navigate around flower borders.

Hayter Motif lawnmower
Hayter bargain: Hayter Motif 41 lawnmower

It costs £249, £150 off the recommended price and has a three-year warranty. And, again is delivered FREE the next working day.
We think this a great little mower, but don’t just take our word, see what a recent customer had to say.
‘I bought this little mower as we have had a Hayter in the family for the last 30+ years (the same machine), the build quality is great, easy to put together, lightweight and simple to use. There is more power than I need for my small lawn, just how I like it.’
Chances are you’ve never seen a mower like this.
New and Exclusive, the Einhell LE-PM 51S HWT Comfort-Turn Lawnmower with its castor wheel at the front lets you turn very quickly so you can work round trees and garden ornaments very precisely.

Einhell LE-PM lawnmower
Tight turns: Einhell LE-PM Comfort Turn Lawnmower

Sharp turns won’t scuff or scalp the lawn and makes turning a much simpler job.
It has eight cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm and a cutting width of 51cm making it suitable for lawns up to 1400m2.
And there are four ways of dealing with the cut grass. You can either collect it in the 70-litre grass box or mulch it and for less formal areas you can discharge it to the back and side.
It is powered by a 196cc engine and has a steel cutting deck.
It costs £299, £200 off the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty and FREE next working day delivery.
Now the Rolls Royce of lawnmowers, traditional and delivering a striped finish with a very low bowling green type cut.
The Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower is from the company which supplies mowers to sports clubs and cricket pitches throughout the land.
The five blades trap the blades of grass against a fixed blade to cut like a pair of scissors giving a cut as short as 6mm without scalping.
You can also buy a scarifying cassette to ease out flat-growing weeds and dead grass to keep the lawn healthy.

Allett 17l cylinder mower
British made: Allett 17l cylinder mower

It has a front and a rear roller to leave a perfect striped and very level finish.
The cutting width is 43cm and the grass box holds 40 litres.
Delivered FREE OF CHARGE  on the next working day, this mower costs £779 compared with the recommended price of £839. It has a one-year warranty.
And we’re told that robots are slowly taking over everyday tasks so here’s one which will trim the lawn for you while you relax in a deckchair.
The Robomow RX12U Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower will trundle around your lawn, mulching the clippings and keeping within a perimeter wire.
It is dead easy to set up – just establish the base station and run a cable to it and then peg out the wire.
There is no need to dig it into the lawn as it will soon be subsumed into the turf and can’t be seen.


Robotic Mower RX12U
Robot does the work: Robomow RX12U Robotic Mower

The cutting deck is free floating to follow the lawn and the motor is strong enough to handle slopes up to 15 degrees.
When it needs re-charging it returns to its base station – just as you go for a cup of tea when you’re finished in the garden for the day.
Recommended for areas around 150m2 it is delivered free the next working day with the base station and 70 metres of perimeter cable and 100 pegs.
It costs £499, £100 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty.
The grass is growing strongly again after the recent, very welcome rain – and remember regular trimming is the secret to a healthy lawn.
If you can’t see what you want here have a look at these pages on our site.
And please ring us on 03454 588905 if you’re not sure which is the right mower for your lawn. We’ve years of experience in the garden machinery business and we’re here to help. Just ask our customers…

Excellent Product and Outstanding Service . The advice I received from MowDirect was spot on and this product was perfect…”

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