Ten top strimmers and brushcutters to keep the garden neat and tidy

Verges and path edges and those awkward bits of land which seem to specialise in growing nettles and weeds are growing their fastest rate so far this year.

Clearing odd patches of ground festooned with weed and bramble are one of the least rewarding parts of gardening but need to be trimmed back nonetheless as they can spoil an otherwise immaculate garden.

Ever tried hacking them back with a bill hook? Nettles sting your lower arms and brambles fly up and catch you on the back of the neck. So basically it’s not a pleasant task.

Brush cutters can do the job in a fraction of the time and are light and easy to use. The more powerful machines can hack through small saplings and gorse with ease, such is their power.

Cobra cordless trimmer
Neat trimmer: Cobra GT30 cordless trimmer

So here are ten top grass trimmers and brushcutters to choose from including little machines to trim lawn and path edges and powerful ones for the tougher jobs.

If you are just worried about paths and lawn edges this one will do the trick, and it’s at a great price.

Using a 24V Samsung battery to give 30 minutes running time, the Cobra GT30-24V Cordless Grass-Trimmer will re-charge in two hours.

And it weighs just 2.4kg and is easy to use especially in restricted spaces as it has a loop handle and a telescopic shaft.

It has two speed settings and a 30cm cutting sweep and a cutting head which pivots – very useful for leaving a sharp edge on the lawns. It also rotates 90 degrees.

The head can be changed from trimming to edging just by pushing a button.

The price, including the charger, is £69.99, £70 less than the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty.

We deliver it free the next working day following receipt of you order.

This next one is new for this year and exclusive to MowDirect and part of a range we helped to develop.

Redback cordless grass trimmer
Light and easy: Redback Cordless grass trimmer

The Redback E312DQ-2Ah Cordless Grass-Trimmer has a 2Ah lithium-ion battery which is carried in a belt which fits around the waist.

The trimmer has a tilting and pivoting cutter-head mounted on a light aluminium shaft which can be adjusted to suit the user and is very well balanced.

There is a plant protector next to the strimming head which saves you whipping off the blooms on the marigolds and more strimming line can be fed out simply by bumping the head don the ground.

The package includes, as well as the trimmer, the battery, charger and power belt and costs £179.

The battery will also fit other machinery in the Redback range so if you want other equipment you will only need to buy the tool.

The costs is £179 compared with the recommended price of £276 and we deliver it free the next working day with a three-year warranty.

The next provides the professional power demanded by landscape gardeners.

With its 56V motor, the EGO BC1500E Power+ Cordless Grass-Trimmer  it has a choice of batteries right up to 7.5Ah and has an extra-wide cutting width of 38cm.

EGO Grass Trimmer
Professional power: EGO Cordless Grass Trimmer

Chopper-style handlebars mean you can use it in a sweeping motion and trim large areas very quickly. And thicker 2.4mm line means it will cut through more hefty weed stems.

It is fitted with a large aluminium shaft to give it great strength and durability and yet keep the weight down.

The trimming head has a bump feed mechanism to make ti easy to feed out new line.

It is priced at £199, £20 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty. Delivery the next working day is free.

Now the first petrol-powered machine and one which is a best seller as it offers great value for money.

And don’t just take our views on it, see the many testimonials on these pages for the Einhell GH-BC Petrol Brushcutter + Free Kit.

Rod from Gravesend said ‘I chose an Einhell brushcutter because my previous strimmer was made by them, very good value compared to similar models made by other companies.’

Einhell GH-BC brushcutter
Free safety kit: Einhell GH-BC brushcutter

It is powered by a 25cc engine with QuickStart feature so it fires up very easily and has a 42cm nylon line strimming head and a 23cm metal blade with three sharp teeth for the thicker areas.

An extensive vibration damping system is fitted to make it more comfortable to use and it has a large fuel tank.

The strimming head has a bump feed to let out more line when needed.

With this package you receive a free helmet with ear-defenders and face-mask worth £25, free work gloves worth £10, and a fuel mixing bottle worth £5.95.

The whole package costs £149.95, £50 off the recommended price and is delivered free of charge the next working day with a two-year warranty.

The next one is a little different in that it has a four-stroke engine making it more pleasant to use as it has less fumes.

The Mitox 435L Four-Stroke Brushcutter has a lightweight 33.5cc engine and yet weighs only 7kg.

As well as a nylon trimming head it has a metal blade with three teeth to cut through the thicker vegetation and scrub.

It is delivered free the next working day complete with a padded should harness and costs £179, a full £100 off the recommended price.

Now another from Einhell and one designed to keep vibrations at a minimum and therefore make it more comfortable to use.

Einhell GE-BC 43 brushcutter
Low vibes: Einhell GE-BC 43 low vibration brushcutter

The Einhell GE-BC 33 AS Low-Vibration Brushcutter has a free safety kit and is designed with a double-bearing mounted crankshaft and special rubber shock absorbers which make it far less tiring to use.

This is the sort of spec usually only found on machines used by professional gardeners and this one is half the price of similar brushcutters on the market.

It has a 32.6cc engine to provide the power to drive a metal blade with three teeth and a grass trimming head with a bump feed for more line and it has a spindle lock mechanism which makes it easy to swap over the two heads.

The aluminium shaft is split so it is easy to carry around in the boot of the car and keep the weight down.

This is another machine exclusive to MowDirect and costs £199.95, £150 off the recommended price with free next working day delivery.

There is also a free safety kit of helmet, face guard and ear defenders, protective gloves and free fuel mixing bottle.

This is another machine with excellent reviews from our customers. ‘This brushcutter was one of the better ones I could find, and with the special deal was amazing value. I would certainly recommend.’

Tanaka line trimmer
Versatile: Tanaka TBC 2390 line trimmer

Now one with a bit more power suited to those of you with stubborn banks of weeds to clear made by a top Japanese company.

The Tanaka TBC-2390 Line-Trimmer has a powerful 24cc engine and a rigid drive shaft mounted on ball bearings to give better transfer of power and a longer life to the trimmer.

It weighs only 3.6kg and has a shoulder harness to make it easier to work for longer periods.

With a couple of attachments it can be turned into a hedgetrimmer or a pole pruner making it a really versatile piece of kit.

The hedgetrimmer attachment has 55cm dual reciprocating blades and costs £169 and the pruner costs £139.

The cost of the main machine is £239, £90 off the recommended price and comes with a free brushcutter blade worth £20 and free replacement strimming line worth £20.

It has a five-year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Here’s another really versatile machine with a very powerful engine.

The Mitox 28 SK Kawasaki Brushcutter with Hedgetrimmer Attachment has at its heart a 26.3 Kawasaki engine, reliable, easy-starting and often the choice of the professional gardener.

Mitox brushcutter
Versatile: Mitox 28 sk Kawasaki brushcutter

It weighs only 6.6kg and has both a rear handle and a front loop handle so it can be used for long periods with undue fatigue.

The nylon strimming head has a bump feed and the cutting blade has three mean teeth for the thick vegetation.

The drive shaft is split which takes the 40cm hedgetrimmer attachment.

It costs £299, £30 off the recommended price and has a three year warranty for domestic use. Delivery the next working day is free.

Now, a very popular and versatile little machine for clearing large areas of thick undergrowth.

The MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower is great value for money with its 160cc 4-stroke engine driving a trimming head with thick nylon line.

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer
MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer – powerful and great value

This head has a flat nose and can be pushed under trees and used again wooden sheds and stone walls. It is also useful for cutting banks and verges.

It is a strong little machine with stone wheels with rubber tyres and is very easy to push along.

The working width is 53cm and the cutting heights is adjustable from 35mm to 70mm. A throttle lever lets you control the revs to suit the task in hand.

Folding handlebars make it easy to store and pop in the boot when relations want to borrow it.

‘I was nervous about buying a machine so much cheaper than its competitors, but reassured by the very good reviews. I needn’t have worried, it is a good solid machine that works perfectly,’ said a recent review.

Other reviews can be seen here.

It costs £299, £100 less than the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

And finally one for the professional gardener or very keen amateur who has large areas to clear.

efco brushcutter
Professional machine: Efco brushcutter

The Efco DR52-VBR6 Professional Wheeled Brushcutter is made in Italy by a leading garden machinery company and has a Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine.

It has two forward gears and one reverse and is fitted with deep-tread tyres to handle muddy conditions and sloping land.

The business end of the machine has a 52cm blade which can cut through saplings as well as the thickets banks of weed.

The price is £1549 compared with the recommended price of £1879 and it is delivered free within two to three working days.

It has a three year warranty from Efco.

These are just ten of the grass trimmers and brushcutters on our site. You can see the full selection here.

Really heavy equipment for clearing large areas of neglected land can be found on these pages.

Please ring us on 03454 588905 if you have any queries about the equipment we have written about above or anything else on our site.

We are the country’s leading on-line supplies or garden machinery on line and have years of experience in this field and we are here to advise to make sure you have the right equipment for the job.


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