Top brushcutter engineered in Germany is awesome – that’s according to our customers

The Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect time to tame the wilder areas of the garden – we’ve all got them.

And this brushcutter from Germany is the perfect piece of kit for the job that has won great praise from previous customers.

The Einhell GH-BC Petrol Brushcutter is on special offer for a limited period and has a set of safety kit included in the price.

The beating heart is a 25cc engine with Quick-Start technology to ensure it fires up quickly and doesn’t leave you fuming for minutes on end tugging on a starter cord.

The engine drives either a 42cm nylon strimming head or a 23cm cutting blade with three teeth.

Einhell brushcutter
Popular machine: Einhell GH-BC brushcutter

The two heads are easily swapped over and the strimming head spools out more line simply by bumping it on the ground.

There is enough power in the machine to cut brambles, nettles and really thick banks of weed and it is comfortable to use as there is also a shoulder harness included in the package which lets you use the brushcutter in a sweeping motion.

This means you can cover large areas of undergrowth very quickly.

Recent headlines from our reviews page includes ‘Awesome,’ ‘Very Good Value for the Price,’ ‘An Excellent Piece of Kit,’ ’Great Value for Money with Lots Included’.

You can see all the reviews here, and other similar machines from little grass trimmers to hefty industrial ones are on these pages.

If you’re not certain which one you need then give us a ring on 03454 588905. We’ve years of experience in garden machinery and are the biggest on-line store in the country. We do know what we are talking about, ask our customers..

MowDirect are knowledgeable, approachable, unhurried and friendly without sales hassle, and next day delivery after I made my choice.”

The recommended price is £199.95 but we have it for sale for £149.95, saving you £50. 

The FREE kit includes a FREE helmet with ear defenders and face guard, 130metres of spare trimming line and a FREE 2-stroke fuel mixing bottle.

We deliver the complete package the next working day and there is a two-year warranty from Einhell.


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