Great new brushcutter and grass trimmer at a very keen price

Nothing shows off a garden like a trimmed lawn with neat, sharp edges.

And nothing spoils one like rough patches of tough weeds 0- nettles, brambles and the like.

So here’s a new machine which can handle both, with a line trimmer for the grassy lawn edges and a strong steel blade for the heavier stuff.

MTD SBC26 brushcutter
Great value: MTD SBC26 brushcutter

The MTD SBC26 Petrol Brushcutter has a nylon line head to cut edges, a very effective way to produce a neat appearance without risking damaging the machine or anything like sheds or garden furniture.

The nylon line will cut the grass away and won’t damage anything growing close to it so you can have a neat trimmed lawn right up to the edges.

And when it comes to the thicker vegetation there is a 25.5cm metal blade to cut it all away, even thicker stuff like brambles and hedge stems growing from the roots of established plants or from the roots of felled trees.

The beating heart of the strimmer is 26cc two-stroke engine with a full crank for reduced vibrations, and it is easy to start.

The package includes a full shoulder harness which makes it simple to use on large areas – just sweep it from side to side as you walk along and you can clear large areas easily and quickly.

When strimming you can feed out more line simply by bumping the head on the ground – a clever sprung mechanism allows line to feed out centrifugally.

This great little machine is very competitively priced as £119 and we deliver it the next working day following receipt of you order with a two-year warranty.

You can see our full selection of trimmers and brush cutters on these pages, including some very heavy duty ones for professionals and for estate use.

If you’re not sure which is the right machine for you please call us on 03454 588905, we’re happy to advise you.



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