This Machine IS for Turning. Five Reasons to Buy a Simplicity Contender and Save Over £3000!

Yesterday’s blog by my old pal Dick was, as ever, spot on in its praise for the, frankly bonkers, getting-on-for-half-price, bargain that is the Simplicity Contender SZT550 Commercial Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower from MowDirect.

With stunning features, excellent build quality and a manufacturer’s pedigree more impressive than 2017 Crufts winner “Afterglow Miami Ink”, plus more ability to make a sharp U-Turn than even Theresa May possesses, the Simplicity Contender, as Dick points out, is a fabulous beast that is more than at home on large lawns, gardens and parks.

But what is the advantage of a zero-turn ride-on mower? Does that little extra tightness in the turning circle matter that much?

The answer is a resounding yes. If you want to get your lawn mowed fast, with a tight cut and a great smooth finish and get back to whatever else it is you want to do..watching the new series of Dr Who, cooking the latest recipe from Sunday Brunch or snoozing in a chair pretending to read the paper… it’s a no-brainer.

In fact, let’s make this much easier. Here are my five spiffingly tip-top reasons for buying a zero turn ride-on mower like the exemplary Simplicity Contender.

Comfort, Power, Convenience, Performance and 360° Turning

1/ Maximum Manoeuvrability

The front castor-wheels and twin hydrostatic drive mean the Contender can, literally, turn on the spot. Two adjustable steering and speed levers enable you to precisely navigate each corner of your ‘up-down mow’ path without leaving any uncut sections you have to go back and mow again. The fantastic turning circle also means you can negotiate trees, bushes, borders, flower beds, garden furniture and the neighbour’s cat much more easily.

Easy turning and manoeuvring with castor wheels



2/ Faster Performance

Because you don’t have to keep reversing or returning to mow those awkward ‘missed’ sections, your mowing time is reduced drastically. added to this, the Simplicity contender has a super-large,  132cm cutter-deck – making it one of the widest decks of any  ride-on mower or garden-tractor.  This means you cover more and in combination with the turning circle could cut your mowing time by a significant amount.

3/ Comfort

The Simplicity Contender features an adjustable high-backed seat for maximum driver-comfort, the seat has comfortable arm-rests and there is an onboard cruise control for long stretches that will save effort on your hands and wrists.

4/ Money Saving

Never kind the whopping £3000 discount we are offering on this machine, you will also save even more money on fuel as the machine will be turning over and driving for considerably less time.There is also a FREE Mulch-kit included in the price.

More rugged than Daniel Craig’s chin.

5/ Durability

This machine is going to last a lot longer than your average garden ride-on. Why? Well, it works quicker and cuts time on your mowing, therefore you drive it less, and you use it less. Plus it is designed with low-wear-and-tear electronic blade-engagement. Added to this, it also has a professional-grade V-Twin OHV engine from iconic industry giants Briggs & Stratton with a 5-stage cyclonic air-filter and cast-iron cylinder-lining for reliability. The deck build quality is also superb, made of fabricated-steel with a steel frame and bumper-bar. This baby was built to last.

So there you go. I could go on but luncheon awaits! Seriously, at £4,799 we are aware that this machine is an investment. But you are getting an £8000 machine for your £4799 and that is a significant saving. If you add this to the above features and benefits that is an investment worth making. Take a look at the machine here and here are our best buy zero-turn machines.

Or you could call our friendly and scarily knowledgable product experts on 0345 4588 905 and ask for advice. My advice is snap up one of these machines while we have them. And that, my friends, is a statement I will NOT do a U-turn on.  Enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy

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