How Green Was My Volley – How To Get The Perfect Lawn Like Wot Tennis People Have

You may not be aware of this but I have been known to occasionally pop on my whites, nip down the local club, whip out the old racket and knock a few balls around on the court.I won’t say I’m Roger Federer… and nor would anyone else… especially Roger Federer, but I have been known to whiz the odd classy pass down the line, zip a decent volley down the centre, pop a topspin lob over the head of a bewildered opponent  and on occasion have even served the odd snappy ace.

Where am I? Lying on the ground trying to recover that’s where.

I have also been known, to hit a volley so naive and feeble it came back at me at a hundred miles an hour and nearly brought my banana smoothie back up as it struck me squarely in the lunch.

I mention this, not because I am after praise for my exploits or sympathy for my failures but because we are fast approaching the season of the pitch, where cricket grounds, bowling greens, gold courses and tennis courts in the UK have to come in to their own and look the bees knees ready for the season.

And how do we do that? How do we create perfection from what is, let’s be honest, just some grass seeds and soil?

Well, as any groundsman will tell you, it takes a lot of care both in and out of season. Do they aerate? Do they scarify? You bet they do.  Do they water the ground with the blended tears of unicorns and mermaids? Well…no…but you get he picture. Nothing but the best for Wimbledon, Lords, St Andrews etc.

And one of the main lawnmower brands associated with this kind of high end grass management, not to mention a million lawns across this green and stripy  land, is a Allett lawnmowers. We are proud to be suppliers of these glorious mowers.

These fabulous machines are designed and made in Britain, liveried in British Racing Green and are about as heart stirring as you can get without actually being being a spitfire. If they had had lawnmowers at the battle of Britain, Allett mowers would have been there.

Allett classic 14L mower
Perfect finish: Allett Classic 14L petrol cylinder mower

Mowers like the Allett Classic 14L Petrol Cyclinder Lawn Mower

This lawn mower is so well bred, if it could talk it probably wouldn’t talk to the likes of me or you. It will give you a perfect finish every time with its five-blade cylinder action. Powered by an efficient and ecologically designed, air-cooled 87cc, petrol engine.

The handlebars are adjustable, with three comfort orientated positions and the cut is versatile, cutting between 6mm up to 32mm using six settings, operated by a simple and easy to use dial.

In addition, you can swap the cutting cylinder for an optional scarifying cartridge, to get the very best out of your mower.

As one, very happy, customer put it…

This is the best lawn mower I have ever bought. It cuts the grass like nothing I have ever used before, and I wish I had spent the money on this a long time ago instead of buying several cheaper ones over the years. My lawn is the size of a tennis court and I would recommend this product for people with similar size lawns.”

And as for stripes…it’s what cylinder mowers were made for. With its serious weighted rear roller this mower will deliver classy, sharp and defined stripes that will make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood.

The Allett Classic 14L Petrol Cyclinder Lawn Mower also comes in a 17″ (43cm) version (” Great Mower, Great Price“, “Very Happy. Cuts and collects extremely well”) and there is a whole range of fantastic Allett Cylinder Lawnmowers and accessories available here.

This costs just £659.00 at MowDirect, instead of the RRP of £719, a helpful saving of £60 and comes with FREE oil and FREE next working day delivery to the UK mainland. 

If you need more advice, do call our helpful and knowledgable team for free advice on 0345 4588 905. 

And most of all… enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy

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