Three exclusive mowers from the country’s top garden machinery companies

As many of you are looking to buy new lawnmowers at this time of the year, here are three lawnmowers from British companies which produce top class machines.

And they are all exclusive to MowDirect.

Not everyone has a massive lawn rolling out to the horizon and this is one from a favourite British manufacturer with a long history is a favourite for lawns around 600m2.

Hayter Motif lawnmower
Hayter bargain: Hayter Motif 41 lawnmower

The Hayter Motif 41 Push 4-Wheel Lawn Mower (Code: 437) is light and easy to push along and has a 150cc Briggs & Stratton engine with enough power and torque to deal with thicker, less well-kept patches.

It is very easy to start as there is no reason to prime the engine and often fires up on the first pull and produces fewer emissions.

Like all Hayters it is a very well-built mower with a steel cutting deck and has a friction disc to prevent the crankshaft from bending if you hit something really solid. The crankshaft has a lifetime guarantee.

There are eight cutting heights from 25mm to 55mm and a 50-litre grass box.

This is an ideal mower for smaller lawns dotted with flower beds as it is easy to move around tight corners.

It costs £249, £150 off the recommended price and it has a three-year warranty.

We deliver it FREE the next working day following receipt of your order and it comes with FREE OIL.

And now a couple of exclusives from Mountfield, another favourite brand with Britain’s gardeners.

Their  SP180 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is on exclusive special offer and is another made for smaller lawns , say around 800m2.

Mountfield SP180
Exclusive bargain: Mountfield SP180 lawn mower

This one has a Briggs & Stratton 125cc engine and is self-propelled making life less tiring for the person mowing the lawn.

There are five cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm and a 55-litre grass box. He cutting width is 45cm.

See these comments for previous customer reviews. One said ‘Purchased the Mountfield SP180 after recommendations from 2 neighbours. I was very pleased with this mower right from delivery. It was easy to set up [30 min including filling with petrol and oil] and I was ready to cut my lawns.’

‘Good value product and easy to use,’ said another.

The recommended price is £349 but we are selling it for £249 saving you £100. Delivery the next working day is FREE and it has a two-year warranty and a bottle of FREE OIL included,

And with lawns with a striped finish become more fashionable, have a look at this one.

The Mountfield SP180R Self-Propelled Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower is on exclusive special offer and has Mountfield’s own 100cc engine.

Mountfgield SP180R rear roller lawnmower
Exclusive stripes: Mountfield SP180R rear roller lawnmower

The rear roller with give that striped finish but also lets you cut right up to the edges without fear it will toppled into the flowers beds.

It is also fitted with a skid plat to stop the mower grounding and leaving unsightly gouges in the turf.

With a 46cm cutting width it is suitable for lawns around 800m2 and it has cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm.

The grass box holds 55 litres and has an indicator to show when it is full.

This mower also lets you attach a garden hose when you are finished spto clean out the butting deck and resist corrosion.

Priced at £399 it is £100 less than the recommended price. Delivery the next working day is FREE  and it has a two-year warranty and comes with FREE OIL.

These pages contain an unrivalled selection of lawnmowers but if you are not sure which is the right one for you please ring us on 03454 588905, we have years of experience in advising customers which is the right machine for their garden.





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