Stars with Stripes – How to Get A Striped Lawn and Some Star Buys to Help You Do It

As ‘any ful no’, getting stripes on the lawn is not as hard as it seems. It’s simply a matter of bending grass blades one way and then coming back on a parallel path and bending them the other way. It’s basically a trick of the light and requires no more than a roller and a steady hand to get done properly.

However, the quality of your stripes can vary quite drastically, depending on the weight of the roller, the quality of the cut etc, so it is very definitely something to think about when investing in a mower to give your lawn the deckchair makeover.

In fact, there are several ways and means to a stripy lawn when it comes to the equipment, so let’s have a look at each method with an example of one of our stars machines for each.

Einhell Quality Manual Roller

1/ A Push Roller. This is the budget option and also the one that will get your biceps bulging and give you that smug sense of satisfaction that comes from toiling on the land like a D.H. Laurence character.  Simple as anything, push or pull the roller across the grass then back and keep repeating until your lawn looks like a bowling green. A very good example of a quality push roller is the Einhell BG-GR-57 Lawn & Garden Roller  coming in at a very reasonable £69.95 (£10 below the RRP)  it sports a very robust and durable steel drum – powder-coated to fight off corrosion and has a fill capacity of 46 litres. It can be filled with either either water or sand and it weighs 57kg when filled to the brim. Our customers like this roller and have made such comments as…

“I am delighted with this… compact roller ideal for small to medium sized domestic lawns.” and “Good product, Reasonable price… does what it says on the tin!”

Morrison Oxford lawnmower
Morrison Oxford – Smooth and efficient rear-roller

2/ A Rotary Rear-Roller Mower. A very popular option. Two front wheels, an engine or motor, a decent cut and  a roller to create your stripes. There are many varieties out there, and they can be electric, battery powered or petrol, but I’d like to suggest my personal favourite star the Morrison Oxford 48RS Self-Propelled Petrol Roller Lawnmower. It’s solidly built, solidly handsome and for the quality of engineering, very decently priced at just £599.00 a saving of £200 on the RRP. There’s something rather James Bond about the Morrison Oxford, it has a sophisticated yet tough and rugged look to it.

It features a Briggs & Stratton 675EXi-Series engine, a premium-grade aluminium deck (with a 15-year warranty) a ‘Ready Start™’ system for fast ignition and a power-driven roller for extra smooth and easy operation. Customers have said…

I am impressed with quality of the build and it looks like the machine will last for years“,  “Solid Engineering. All in all I’m very impressed. I’d never heard of Morrison before but so far happy with spending that little extra for quality engineering.” and “Machine is easy to use and gives a great stripe. The grass collector is easy to empty and engine easy to start”

Why not have a look at the rest of the Morrison range here

Allett classic 14L mower
Perfect finish: Allett Classic 14L petrol cylinder mower

3/ A Cylinder Mower. Yup. Just like your Grandad used. A good-quality traditional cylinder mower will give you an exemplary cut and a sharp and well-defined stripe. It would be hard not to suggest the very high quality and very well made (British made in fact) Allett Cylinder Mower at this juncture. Maybe the Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower. Everything about it sings top-notch design and build, from its British Racing Green Livery to the rugged red blades and the superb 1.6kW / 2.2HP @ 3600rpm engine from leading company Loncin. Allett mowers grace some of the most famous and prestigious sports grounds in the country and it’s a boon that one can buy that kind of quality for your own garden.

Customers love the cut these Allet machines can give and are enthusiastic… “Great mower great price” “Very happy” “Cuts and collects extremely well, as expected with a cylinder mower compared to scattering grass cuttings everywhere with a hover mower” “The best lawn mower I have ever bought. It cuts the grass like nothing I have ever used before, and I wish I had spent the money on this a long time ago instead of buying several cheaper ones over the years..

Simply Brilliant – Simplicity Regent Garden Tractor with Roller

4/ A Rear-Roller Garden Tractor. For a really large lawn and a great cut, you really can’t go far wrong with a ride-on mower and a roller (either towed or built in). They are also fun to drive and majorly energy saving. One such, and one of our brightest stars, is the Simplicity Regent XL/SLT200 Garden Tractor (with Striping Roller). It has a powerful 724cc Briggs & Stratton Intek twin-cylinder engine, a 117cm floating, steel cutting deck for smooth and easy coverage without scalping and is very comfortable to drive, with an ergonomic padded seat, electronic blade-engagement, cruise control and even a cup-holder to make sure you keep hydrated when you’re out on the lawn. It costs a surprisingly low £2,799.00, a massive saving of £400 on the RRP. This is an amazing price for a tractor of this quality. One owner described it as a “Pretty Tough Cookie. Good for the Job.”

So that’s it. Four ways of achieving the stripe you want, from the manual and physical to the hight of seated comfort. You choose. If you need more help, however, why not call one of outr very friendly and knowledgable team on 0345 4588 905 and they will be more than happy to give you expert, impartial advice.

Now all that remains is to say “Get Rolling” and… enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy.

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