A Scariliy Scrumptious & Scrupulously Sought After Scarifier – The Einhell GC-SC 2240P

Everyone is talking about this Einhell GC-SC petrol scarifier, which seems to have taken our customers by storm. Dick has blogged about it, Drew has blogged about it and I’m supposed to be writing about something else, but even I had to wake up, smell the frappuccino and stick my pretty nose (and it is pretty) into it and check it out.

WOW. I don’t know if I should say much but what I will do is show you what real customers are saying. It’s pretty blooming impressive. At £299.95 (a huge £200 saving) it is unarguably totally fantabulous value and every customer that manages to grab one seems to agree. This machine is hotter than One Direction meeting Idris Elba on a beach in San Tropez. These babies are going like hot cakes that have been super-heated and then re-heated to make them even hotter. Don’t take my word for it…

The Most Popular, Best Value Scarifier ever?  The Einhell GC-SC 2240p-scarifier

This is a quality machine. Amazing value to get a petrol driven scarifier of this build and quality at such a reasonable price. It is so much quicker and easier to use than our previous electric scarifier.”

“I selected this product on the strength of price and my research and was right to trust the reviews already posted, as I later found out for myself…Build quality is excellent as advertised…Now the lawn is breathing again …Wish I had bought one years ago.”

As others have said, so effective is this excellent machine that the supplied basket would fill in seconds…Hugely impressed by this machine. And it’s a bargain!”

Bought this for my husband, who is a lawn fanatic. He is over the moon with it. It’s easy to use and certainly does a good job. Excellent help from MowDirect, after placing order they kept us in touch of when it would be delivered. Would certainly recommend both the product and assistance from MowDirect.”

“Excellent Product, Superb Value. This is an excellent product, making light work of the otherwise tedious task of removing moss. Excellent value for a great German engineered product.”

“This must be one of the best scarifiers I have ever used. I have a huge lawn and with the ordinary electric scarifier it takes me 2 days to complete the job, but with this machine it took me just 90 minutes.”

“Good Machine, Easy to Use…Efficient delivery, easily built. Machine starts easily, and is straight forward to use. Great value.”

Those are selections from the first seven reviews. Not from all the reviews. Just from the first seven of the almost entirely five star reviews we have for this beast. Check out all the reviews if you don’t believe me. 

But whatever you do, if you want one of these svelt little cuties (and you will) you had better hurry they as they are genuinely disappearing fast and could soon be as scarce as Piers Morgan fans. Get one now. You won’t regret it! As other customers have said…

“Really high quality machine…Well built scarifier…the machine is really good value and does what it says. You will not be disappointed.”

Plus FREE oil and FREE delivery. What more do you want?       See ya. Holly

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