Best-selling scarifier lets your lawn breathe and flourish

Scarifying. Sounds like you need an urgent appointment with the doctor.

‘Doctor, I think I’ve been scarifying, and it’s not pleasant neither.’

If you’re a lawn, alright I know you’re not, even if you do look a bit green after a funny curry the night before, you may well need a good scarifying at this time of year.

Scarifying is like exfoliating, something women apparently do to remove the top layer of dead skin to leave them glowing.

And for the lawn it is vital. You need to remove the dead grass, weeds that grow across the surface and get rid of the moss.

Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier

Now you can do this with a tined rake, the type you use for clearing leaves, but this is hard work, dragging it over a piece of lawn about a metre square at a time. And you need to go over the same small area of ground at least twice and in opposite directions to do a decent job.

The easiest way to scarify a lawn is with a modern machine like this one, the Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier.

This is our best-selling scarifier by far and is £100 less than any equivalent machine on the market. And it’s from a leading German engineering company.

The 118cc engine turns 18 steel blades which tease out all the rubbish we’ve been talking about.

You can set the depths to which it works – there are six settings – and don’t be too alarmed if there is a massive pile of debris behind the machine the first time you use it, as in our picture above, that’s the rubbish you need to clear out to let the lawn thrive.

And don’t attach the 45-litre debris collector first time you use it, you’ll need to rake it up afterwards.

The engine is very easy to start and with a 40cm working width you can use it on lawns up to the size of two tennis courts.

It has large wheels to avoid damaging the lawn, which experts say should be scarified every four to six weeks.

This has attracted loads of favourable reviews.Amazing value to get a petrol driven scarifier of this build and quality at such a reasonable price,’ said one.

This must be one of the best scarifiers I have ever used. I have a huge lawn and with the ordinary electric scarifier it takes me 2 days to complete the job, but with this machine it took me just 90 minutes,’ said another.

For the full list of reviews see these pages.

The scarifier costs £299.95, £200 cheaper than the full recommended price  and it has a two-year warranty. We deliver it free of charge the next working day following receipt of your order.

You can see a full list of scarifiers here and please give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like to talk to use about it or anything else on our site.




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