What Scarifier is best? Ask The Customers. It’s What Product Reviews Are For

While wandering aimlessly down the aisles of John Lewis’ kitchenware department the other day, I, quite by chance, overheard a rather disturbing conversation. Two classic north London scrummy mummies were idly chatting about shopping online as their huge, industrial sized baby-buggies, casually blocked the passage of anyone who wanted to have a quick shufti at the Le Creuset counter. I partly hid behind a Sabatier knife display to eavesdrop. This is what I heard.

SM1: I love it. I buy all our tinned supplies online. It’s very reasonable. Even bought our last vacuum cleaner. You?

SM2: I have a little. But I got rather stung on a corkscrew I bought from ******. It turned out to be not fit for purpose. Not sure if I trust online companies now.

SM1: Were there any reviews on your corkscrew?

SM2: Oh I don’t read those things. Don’t see the point.

At this I gave a snort and they both turned and glared at me. Having been discovered I swiftly legged it to menswear for some serious investigation into flannel trousers.

I am disturbed by the thought of a customer who buys online but does not understand the value of product reviews. Scrummy Mummy 2 claims to have been stung but says product reviews are a waste of time. Does she not see the irony? The whole point of product reviews is to give other customers, or potential customers, like her, valuable information about the product. In a virtual shop where you can’t touch or handle a product this is one of several vital components to giving customers valuable, usable information. These include…

1/ Good quality product write-ups. Something on which MowDirect prides itself and something that customers mention over and over again on TrustPilot as part of a good service. “…mower as described, would definitely buy from them again 100%”, Good information for potential buyers. Mower exactly as described.”

 2/ Good quality pictures. We spend a long time trying to source high-quality images from suppliers.

3/ Good team knowledge and information on the ‘phone. Our product advisors are experts, not salespeople. They give impartial information to customers. Again, the proof is in the reviews on the service review site TrustPilot, e,g. “a supplier who is an expert in their specialist field…Highly recommended. I’ll be back…”

4/ But last and definitely not least Customer Product Reviews. This means you are getting honest, horse’s mouth information from someone who has had their hands on this machine, used it. “The website is very easy to use, other people’s reviews of the product were very useful good and bad.

The People’s Choice. Einhell GC-SC 2240p Scarifier – German Engineering but Affordable

So, to the point. It’s absolutely the time to be thinking about taking care of your lawn properly. And the best way to do that, apart from cutting carefully is to scarify. Remove all that thatch that is strangling your lawn and let water, air and nutrients in for a greener, healthier looking patch of grass.

So when you see 70 or more five star reviews on a machine like the Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier, the chances are it’s going to be a pretty good bet.

The fact that it’s German engineered and sells for a remarkable £299.95 (£200 under the list price`) certainly has a lot to do with it, as does the free oil, free delivery, and excellent features, but it’s the customer comments that really boost its popularity. Comments like…

This is a quality machine. Amazing value to get a petrol driven scarifier of this build and quality at such a reasonable price.”

“Now the lawn is breathing again… Wish I had bought one years ago.”

Hugely impressed by this machine. And it’s a bargain!”

Excellent product…Excellent value for a great German engineered product.”

“...one of the best scarifiers I have ever used.”

Thought this was too good for the price, but I am delighted”  “Excellent”.

This is why this machine almost literally flies off the shelves and we’ve just had to bring in a lot of extra stock. I personally think people are eating them.

Joking aside, there is no doubt that this is one of the most successful and popular petrol scarifiers around, totally exclusive to MowDirect and an absolute bargain.

And thanks to the demand, we have a very good supply, boxed and ready to go,

So Grab one today. Over 1400 happy customers can’t be wrong!

Enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy

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