Exclusive tiller to prepare the beds for seeds and vegetable planting

If you have a garden of any size, Spring throws a load of jobs your way.

We know the lawn will need a trim, roses may need a second prune, or even a first prune If you didn’t want to do the job in the autumn.

Then there are flower beds which need a tidy or more vigorous forking over, incorporating manure. The list is endless.

And if you have a vegetable plot or allotment, the days simply aren’t long enough to get everything done.

Oleo-Mac MH175RK tiller
Easy digging: Oleo-Mac MH175rk front tine tiller

Before anything else, the soil needs to be turned at least once to leave a friable tilth ready for seeding.

This is traditionally accomplished using a garden fork, a lot of energy and possibly a modicum of inappropriate language as heavier land with a lot of clay takes a fair bit or turning over.

But modern tillers take much of the effort away – there’s many a friendship started over a simple request to borrow a tiller for a few hours.

If you’re thinking of buying one, then have a look at this, the Oleo-Mac MH175RK Front-Tine Tiller with Reverse Drive with its nine steel tines.

Oleo-Mac is a European company, a major player in the garden machinery world on the Continent and this tiller is packed full of valuable features.

First, it has a 183cc Emak engine which has excellent fuel consumption figures and is low on vibration levels and exhaust emissions.

Second, it has a reverse gear. Those of you who have owned and used a tiller will appreciate the value of this for when the tines turn and the tiller tends to go down rather than along – digging itself in – it is the devil’s own job to heave it out.

This excellent machine has belt-driven transmission which will prevent serious damage to the engine if the drive to the tines is overloaded. There is also a front transport wheel which makes it easier to move around.

And you can adjust the working depth and the angle at which you will so can avoid walking over freshly-tilled ground.

Another great feature is the adjustable working width which can be set at 80cm for use when tilling larger areas but reduced to 60cm when you want to till between the rows.

And when you do this job there are crop protection disc so you don’t uproot young plants.

This machine is exclusive to use and has proved very popular as per these reviews. ‘Brilliant bit of kit. Broke up heavy clay very easily’, said one user. ‘Excellent balance of size, power and weight for larger jobs. The price was 20 to 30% less than anything that appeared comparable on-line,’ said another. See the rest of the reviews here

It costs just £399, £200 less than the recommended price and is delivered FREE within two to three working days with FREE OIL included. 

And it has a five-year warranty.

Please ring us on 03454 588905 if you have any questions about this tiller or anything else on our site.

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