New for 2017, a robotic mower for smaller lawns

Robomotic mowers are becoming more popular and this great little device from  one of the industry leaders, the Robomow RX12U Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower is new for this year and made to tackle smaller lawns – say around 150m2.

After an hour’s simple work, pegging out a perimeter wire around the area to be trimmed and placing a base station and connecting it to a mains supply, you need never worry about cutting the lawn again – the robot will do it for you.

It slowly and quietly trundles around the lawn trimming it from 15mm to 45mm and when it needs re-charging makes its own way back to the bases station for re-charging – much like you need a drink half way through conventional mowing.

Robomow RX12U
Robot does the work: Robomow RX12U Robotic Mower

It has an 18cm cutting width and a strong steel blade to cut the grass. And with the clippings held under the body of the machine for mulching, there is no worrying about dealing with the clippings or taking down to the tip.

The grass is cut down to tiny tea-leaf sized pieces which rot away and provide useful nutrients.

The deck holding the blade is free floating so it follows the contours of the lawn and won’t scalp the turf.

And the 100W motor is powerful enough to handle slopes up to 15 degrees and has a power-saving mode to use less charge and keep the noise down.

The device is delivered free the next working day with 70 metres of wire to peg down around the edge and 100 pegs and once fixed in place the wire is quickly covered by the grass and becomes invisible.

The RX12U costs just £499, a huge £100 saving on the recommended price and has a two-year warranty. Other robotic mowers can be seen on these pages and if you want a conventional mower, have a look here.

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