February In The Garden – High Time To Get Ready For The Growing Season

Come on people. Put down the book, switch off the TV,  take off the mermaid blanket you got for Christmas, slip out from under your duvet and don some wellies and warm clothes. It’s time to get out there for real.

Yes, Winter is still hanging around like a love-sick autograph hunter at the stage door but the Star that is Spring is getting ready for her close up. She’s dressing in her finest, preparing to come out of her dressing room, to then shake her ravishing curls, quickly sign her name in the book and banish the pale, cold looking stalker for another year.

Right said Shred! Quiet and powerful and only £199

So what’s to do? Done any tidying recently? Thought not. How are your borders? Shabby? Sad looking? Covered in more debris than a Tracey Emmin art installation? Thought so. Get rid of all those sticks and bits and leaves and so on that have accumulated. Turn them into mulch for your compost heap. or throw them on your bed and start your own art installation.

Perhaps not. What you could do though, is shred them to make great compost or mulch with a good, affordable machine like the Einhell GC-RS 2540CB Silent Electric Shredder it’s an absolute snip at £199.95 plus FREE delivery and here’s what customers think of it... “What a brilliant bit of kit”, “Good value and quiet”,  “Great purchase”, “Wish I’d bought one before” “Very pleased with the performance.”

Check for weeds. Those little blighters are already plotting to take over your garden and re-develop it as a theme park for wanted pests. If you’ve covered your vegetable beds with carpets or sheeting, have a quick peek underneath.

Time to think about turning over the soil ready for growing. You can do this with the spade or fork or, if you want to

Snake in the..er..soil. The cobra – a pleasing £159

avoid potential back issues, use a good tiller or cultivator like the Cobra T24C Petrol Mini-Tiller, a snappy, happy catch of a cultivator that will not stretch your cargo pocket material too much, coming in at a satisfyingly low £159, again with FREE delivery and a FREE bottle of oil.  

It’s got transport wheels, ergonomic controls, a powerful 1.7hp engine and it’s perfect for a small or average sized garden or allotment plot. I am seriously thinking about one of these myself. The Cobra T24C is part of our exciting New For 2017 collection.

There are some great new deals and machines in on the New for 2017 pages, including the re-vamped and re-launched Hayter Spirit 41 range and the brand new, highly affordable Hayter Osprey. That’s ‘s a Hayter Mower starting at under £300! 

However, I digress. get some manure on that soil if you can find a ready supply. this will help warm the soil up and encourage nutrients like potassium and phosphorous to do their work.

And what about a bit of a prune? Your bushes, plants and fruit trees are probably looking a bit sad and high winds may have broken branches and left them rather tatty. So make like Nicky Clarke and give them a bit of a makeover. Nothing drastic, just trimming any damaged, diseased or dodgy looking twigs and branches. These can, again be broken down and used as compost or mulch at some future stage.

And you for whom the lawn is the green and pleasant epitome of all that is right, decent and lovely in the world, yes, scarifying time is coming. You’ll be thinking about this in march but you might want to make sure your scarifier is in tip-top condition now while you have time.Check the oil, make sure it’s clean, check the tines and make sure they are not blunted, maybe turn the engine over if you have a petrol machine, see how its running.

And if you don’t own one or if yours has finally gone to the scarier equivalent of Valhalla, you could do worse than this little beauty, the Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier, a legend in it’s own lawn-time and a very popular machine indeed with our customers…

Powerful Scarifier, scary low price £299.95 einhell gc-sc 2240p-scarifier

“…a quality machine. Amazing value…”, “Even the oil was supplied. Build quality is excellent as advertised…Wish I had bought one years ago.” “Hugely impressed by this machine. And it’s a bargain! “, “Excellent value for a great German engineered product.”, “Fantastic!”… and they keep on coming  Check out the rest of the 4/5 star reviews here. 

It’s a great buy at £ 299.95, a saving to you of £200 on the R.R.P. of £499.95. Plus FREE oil and FREE delivery. New stock should be arriving VERY soon so 
pre-order now in time for March.

Finally, believe it or not you can actually sow some stuff in February. Sprouts, carrots, cauliflowers, broad beans can be popped in but all but the sprouts will definitely need nurturing, defending and covering – probably best to put them in trays. The sprouts are tougher than Vin Diesels stubble but will need a bit of protection from frost if it comes.

What you absolutely must start doing now is planning, look at where you want things, do you intend to move stuff around, rotate crops , introduce new beds. All this need organising and preparing asap so you are fully ready when the growing season puts on its kit, straps on its boots and comes hurtling out onto the pitch. So let’s get out there!   Enjoy Your garden.   Drew Hardy

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