Three great machines from Mountfield to tackle larger lawns

With milder weather and a bit of rain for most of us the grass will soon start growing.

If you’ve an ordinary lawn that’s something to keep an eye on and we’ve highlight ten top new mowers in one of our recent blogs.

But if you’ve a larger area of grass it’s a correspondingly bigger consideration.

Ride-ons and lawn tractors are an easy way to getting to grips with this and if you’re looking for a new ride-on or lawn tractor you must consider the offerings from Mountfield, one of the biggest and most popular suppliers of equipment to British gardeners.

We’ve highlighted three of their machines for you to consider.

Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider
Cracking value: Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider

The first is a neat little ride-on, the Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider.

Made with areas of around 2000m2 in mind it is narrow enough to get through most garden gates and has a cutting width of 66cm.

Mountfield’s own 224cc engine, started with a key, drives it along and it has a five-speed gear box – four forward and one reverse.

The grass box holds 150 litres and cutting heights are from 30mm to 80mm.  You can buy a mulch plug for an extra £99 for use when the grass is dry.

The grass box can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat.

It costs £1249, a huge saving of £100 to you on the recommended price and we deliver it free within two to three days of receiving your order. Plus there is a two-year warranty.

This one is one Mountfield’s best sellers, the1530M Lawn Tractor.

This one has twin blades to give a smoother finish and has a cutting width of 84cm and cutting heights from 25cm to 80cm. The strong airflow through the cutting deck produced by the twin blades make it a very efficient grass collector when the clippings are wet.

Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor
Twin blades: Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor

The grass box holds 240 litres and can be emptied from the driver’s seat using the telescopic handle. Plus it bleeps an alarm when it’s full.

The 452cc engine is designed to last and to keep vibrations and noise to a minimum and there are five forward and one reverse gears. The petrol tank holds 6 litres.

It has a padded, adjustable seat so you can use it for long periods without undue stress.

The cutting width is 84cm and you can buy a deflector kit and mulch plug are available as options extras.

The tractor is designed to cope with areas up to around 5000m2 and costs £1699, saving you a whopping £200 on the recommended price of £1,899.00.

Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a five-year warranty, but if you order by 3pm  Friday you can be cutting grass on Saturday for a small extras sum.

For really large lawns, say up to 8000m2, this could be the one.

Mountfield 1640h lawn tractor
Bigger lawns: Mountfield 1640H lawn tractor

The Mountfield 1640H Lawn Tractor has a 452cc engine and has an automatic gear box which works much like the transmission on a car.

It has a 102cm cutting deck, a turning circle of 160cm and a grass box which holds 260 litres which can be emptied from the driver’s seat and bleeps when it is full.

There are seven cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm which can be adjusted from the seat and twin blades and headlights.

This one is priced at £2499, a massive £200 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty.

Again a tow hitch and mulch plug can be bought as optional extras and there is an extensive range of other equipment which will make the gardener’s life easier like a garden trailer, leaf sweeper or fertiliser spreader.

You can have it delivered on Saturday if you order by 3pm Friday.

That vicious wind which many of us endured seems to have abated, bulbs have started emerging and the first snowdrops are one their way, a sure sign that Spring is round the corner.

We are the country’s leading retailer of lawn and garden tractors so please give us a ring on 03454 588905 if you have any questions on these three machines of if you would like our advice before buying.

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