Ten top mowers for the coming Spring all at great prices

At last that vicious wind looks like abating and we can start to dream about the first blackthorn flowers in the hedgerows and maybe even see an inkling of new growth in shrubberies and lawns.

And to coincide with this we are launching our campaign highlighting brilliant new mowers for the coming year.

All are new, some with revolutionary features, some rely on the latest battery innovations, but they all offer excellent value for money.

This is a good time to buy as you don’t want to be scrabbling about looking for a new mower as the Spring growth sends the grass growing up to your knees.

So here are ten top mowers new for the coming gardening year to keep your lawn looking great from the first cut to the last.

The first offers great value for money ideal for a medium-sized lawn and versatile enough to deal with the rougher areas as well.

MowMaster Lawnmower
Amazing value: MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 lawnmower

Exclusive to us at MowDirect, our MowMaster 43PD 3-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower has been designed to give a solid mower at tempting price.

It lets you collect the clippings, mulch them or discharge at the back and has five cutting heights from 20mm to 70mm adjusted by a single lever.

That grass box holds 40 litres, the cutting width is 43cm and the engine is a 123cc model.

The rear wheels are larger meaning it is easier to drive around – remember it is self-propelled – and the engine is powerful enough to tackle sloping lawns.

The grass box has an indicator to show when it’s full and the cutting deck has wash port, so at the end of use just attach a garden hose and run the blades for a short while to clean it.

This new and exclusive mower costs just £199, it has a two-year warranty and we deliver it completely FREE the next working day following receipt of your order.

The next new model is also exclusive to us and is from a leading German engineering company.

The Einhell GC-PM 40 S-P Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower has a cutting width of 40cm and is powered by a 99cc engine.

Ideal for a smaller lawn, it has cutting heights from 25mm to 60mm and a high exit chute into the grass box so it can collect damp grass more efficiently

Einhell GC-PM s p lawnmoer
German engineering: Einhell GC-PM s-p lawnmower

The grass box holds 50 litres and has an indicator to show when it needs emptying.

And the cutting deck is made from strong polypropylene to keep the weight down and resist corrosion as well as making it easier to handle.

This has a high-wheel design so it can handle uneven ground more easily and the blades can be disengaged when moving around.

The recommended price is £249, but we have it for sale for £199 including FREE next working day delivery. And it has a two-year warranty.

This one is the machine you want for trimming banks and verges where the land slopes and is uneven. And at 17kg it’s the lightest in its class.

The Cobra AirMow 51 Petrol Hover-Mower floats on a cushion of air to and has a 51cm blade powered by a 98.5cc engine.

The cutting deck is from ABS plastic so it ca resist the inevitable knocks when used on uneven and overgrown areas and it also has wheels which can either be raised or completely remover when used as a hover mower.

There are three working heights for this mower

It costs £279.99, £20 off the recommended price and we deliver it free the next working day with a two-year warranty.

Redback cordless lawnmower
Battery power: Redback E137C cordless lawnmower

Now one from a range of machinery which we helped to design, exclusive and using the latest battery technology from Japan.

The Redback EC137CF-4Ah Cordless Lawnmower makes it far easier to cut a small to average-sized lawn, say up to 400 metres.

It comes with a charger and a 4Ah battery and has a run time of 50 minutes and can be re-charged in an hour.

And the battery fits all the other garden machinery in the range.

It has a cutting width of 37cm and cutting heights from  25mm to 75mm with five settings.

And weighing just 15.5kg it is easy to move around and load it into the boot of the car if necessary.

There is also a display on the handlebars so you can see how much charge is left in the battery.

With battery and charger it costs £299, £158 less than the recommended price and it has a three-year warranty. Delivery the next working day is free.

Now one from another top German garden machinery company.


Al-Ko 51-7 lawnmower
German engineering: Al-Ko 51-7 lawnmower

The Al-Ko Highline 51.7 SP-A 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawnmower has a 51cm working width and is made with lawns around 1800m2 in mind.

With this one, you can collect the clippings and mulch them when conditions allow and where grass is longer you can discharge and the back and the side.

There are seven cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm. The engine is Al-Ko’s own 140cc model, clean and quiet running.

It has been designed with an extra-large discharge chute and an aerodynamically efficient cutting deck so making it a great collector of wet grass. The box has an indicator to show when it is full.

And it can be stood on end for cleaning and storage.

The recommended price is £499 but we are selling it for £399 a massive saving of £100, with a five-year warranty and FREE next working day delivery.

Robots, so we are told, are taking over the world. Well they are already  taking over the lawn.

The Robomow RX12U Automatic Robot Lawn Mower is ideal for lawns around 150m2 and once set up will just get on with the job  – it won’t even stop for a cup of tea.

Once the base station is established and guide wires pegged down the mower will do the job for you, mulching the clippings and leaving them to rot down.

Robomow RX12U mower
Take it easy: Robomow RX12U robot lawn mower

The cutting deck is free floating so it follows the lawn without scalping it and it can tackle inclines up to 15 degrees.

It has four cutting heights and is the smallest model in the Robomow range with a cutting width of 18cm.

The base station, perimeter wire and 100 pegs are included in the package.

It costs £499, £100 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty and FREE next working day delivery.

Another battery-powered mower for this year, the Stiga Multiclip 47AE Cordless Lawnmower is light and easy to use and aimed at people with a lawn around 1000m2.

Weighing just 25kg this is a mower which you push making it easy to navigate around flower beds and along paths.

Stiga Cordless Multiclip lawnmower
Cordles: Stiga Multiclip Cordless Lawnmower

And being powered by a 4Ah battery it is virtually silent and has very low vibration levels. Plus there is a carrying handle so it is easy to lift into the boot when a relation wants to borrow it.

The Multiclip function mulches the cut grass so there will be no trips to the compost heap.

It is priced at £529, a full £20 below the recommended price, has a two-year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

Now a superb mower from a British company with a reputation for designing and manufacturing mowers which really last.

The New Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Variable-Speed Rear-Roller Lawnmower (Code: 375A) has a powerful 199cc Briggs & Stratton engine, low on fuel consumption and emissions.

With this mower you can set the speed at which you want to work, speeding up on the straight sections and slowing down where the grass is longer or when cutting around paths and borders.

New Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower
Made to last: New Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower

It has an aluminium cutting deck to resist corrosion and this has a lifetime warranty.

And it has split rear roller to give a striped finish and make it easier to drive around corners without scuffing the surface. And you cam also mow right up to the edges.

Recommended for lawns up to 500m2 it has cutting heights from 13mm to 60mm with seven settings.

It is priced at £679 compared with the recommended price is £735 and it has a five year warranty. Delivery the next working day is free.

Another new one using the latest battery technology, the Mountfield S46R-PD LI Cordless Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawnmower has one of the widest cuts you’ll find using battery power.

With its 46cm cutting width, this will tackle longer, rougher areas of grass and sloping lawns and has a steel cutter deck for extra rigidity. The power is from a 1500W motor.

And it has a full width rear roller to leave the striped finish which typifies British lawns cutting heights are from 20mm to 70mm with five settings.t has a grass comb at the front which leads to a neater, smoother finish and comes with a 55-litre grass box.

It costs £649, £50 beneath the recommended price and it has a two-year warranty with FREE delivery the next working day.

And finally a new versatile mower from Hayter with people who have around 1000m2 of lawn.

Hayter Osprey lawnmower
New from Hayter: Osprey 46 autodrive lawnmower

The Hayter Osprey 46 AD Autodrive 3-in-1 Lawnmower (Code: 611A) has a 46cm cutting width and a Briggs & Stratton 140cc engine and ca tackle any sort of grass cutting challenge.

This engine is designed to give more power when they sense heavy loads and to give excellent fuel consumption and start easily.

Cutting heights are from 25mm to 70mm and it has variable speed transmission so you can set the pace which is most comfortable.

The cutting deck can be cleaned after use by attaching a garden hose and it has a 55-litre grass box.

This mower is available from April and costs £349, £20 off the recommended price. It has a two year warranty and FREE delivery.

These are just ten of the new mowers available for the coming year – you can see the full list on these pages.

Our unbeatable list can be viewed here, and remember, if you have any queries please give us a ring on 03454 588905.

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