The snow’s here to the delight of kids – but they don’t have to clear the paths

Most of us have had a dose of the white stuff over the past few days – a bit of a shock after very mild winters of late.

So it was out with the shovels and brooms to clear paths and drives and even though most of it has disappeared there are plenty of threats of more to come.

It’s a fair bet that several of you wished you had a machine to do the work for you, like an Oleo-Mac Artik 56 EL Dual-Stage Snow Blower with an electric start.

These increasingly popular machines make clearing heavy falls of snow from large areas a piece of cake, albeit one with frosting icing.

Oleo-Mac 56 EL dual stage snow blower
Electric start: Oleo-Mac 56 EL dual stage snow blower

And they’re dead easy to use. An engine designed to cope with freezing weather powers mean blades to drag snow and ice into the front body of the machine before the second stage cuts in and blows it clear – up to 15 metres away.

The temptation to deposit your snow in the neighbour’s drive should be resisted even if they did consume the bottle of vintage port you’d been saving for Christmas.

The snow leaves the machine through an exit chute which can be adjusted both for height and direction.

The engine we mentioned is made by Loncin and is started electrically at the touch of a button, so no tugging on a start rope when your hands are freezing.

It has five forward and two reverse gears, a clearing width of 56 cm and a intake height of 51cm so it can deal with very heavy snow falls.

A pair of Snow Hog tyres give excellent grip and sliders on the front of the chute can be adjusted to take account of the surface you are clearing and protect the ground.

This machine has a recommended price of £599, but we have it on offer for £499 so you save £100. 

Delivery within two to three working days is free and it has a five-year warranty.

Give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like further information and see these pages for a wide selection of snow clearing equipment.



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