The North Wind Doth Blow, Our Prices Are Low. And Will We Have Snow?

The north wind doth blow and we shall have…Wet and windy days? Freezing rain? Grey miserable skies? What happened to the snow?

Snow Treatment  -spread, shovel and melt the snow away!

Oh well, plenty of time. I see various Weather luminaries are talking  of snow and we’ve certainly seen more people going for snow shovels and snow blowers recently as snow has been hitting the high ground on and off for a while. Oh, and snow treatments like this superb snow treatment package (see left) which we have on special offer. You get a super shovel/snow pusher, 10 bags of high quality ice melt as used by airports, colleges and local council, and a very good quality name brand (Agri-Fab) spreader all for £299 – a huge saving of £70 on the RRP. 

Or look at our great range of snow clearance gear here. It’s bound to come some time so best be ready.

In fact, as our esteemed colleague Dick pointed out yesterday in his blog, our sale may be over but our prices in general are still the very best you will get, plus the added benefits of our FREE delivery, a massive bonus and the offer of FREE oil with every petrol machine we sell.

However, personally I’ve seen more snow than you could shake a shovel at recently. As Drew has, I see, been telling you, my seasonal  celebrations went on for a while this year. This is partly because my dear old school friend Anika, who happens to come from Reykjavik asked me to pop over for a few days and spend New Year with her. Anika is a party animal, as well as looking as though she just stepped out of an expensive picture book about the Norse gods, damn her, so I got rather trapped in a never ending cycle of parties, hot-tubs, schnapps drinking marathons and chats to gigantic blonde men with strange sweaters, odd eating habits and very blue eyes. Poor me.

It’s a bit off-putting to have a very nice conversation with a handsome man only to find you have a crick in your neck at the end of it. And I’m not even all that short!

Iceland is an interesting country. Bleak in many ways, vibrant in others. It’s odd to visit a place in which trees are as rare as Trump voters at a Mexican hen night and so much of the food comes from the sea. Not that I have a problem with that. I love fish. I just prefer it to be fresh and served with lemon and asparagus or something. That famous dish of fermented shark and I did not get on. It’s more like a nasty prank than a meal.

Only around 20% of Icelandic land has any vegetation… a bit like Drew’s allotment (sorry Drew) and theres a lot of shrubs and scrubs and brown stuff. Well, at least that’s what I saw. But my word they know how to deal with snow. You k ow how it is. When it snows here everyone wanders around in a daze saying ‘Oh. Didn’t see that coming. How do I get to work. In Iceland, as in so many other countries where they have more than their fair share of the white peril, their garages, sheds, houses and warehouses are full of snow chains, snow blowers, snow ploughs harsh weather gear and the various other accessories associated with removing the frozen hazards of winter.

Wherever you go you are likely to see a few of these knocking about…

Stiga Snow Blower – Clearing Northern Europe!


They are an absolute dream when it comes to clearing paths, yards, car parks, drives and gardens… and they are fun to use. just don’t be directing streams of snow at your neighbour’s cat.

Artik 56 ‘Snow secret that it’s a bargain at £499’

Just take a look at this one, the Oleo-Mac Artik 56 EL Dual-Stage Snow Blower (Electric Start) RRP £599 but we are selling at just £499. A huge £100 saving on a superb machine.

Pretty – But Hazardous

Anyhoo. Will we have snow? The Met office certainly thinks so, predicting snowstorms and heavy frost towards the end of the week. Will your garden look like a picture postcard by Saturday? (See right).

If so, like a good boy-scout or a good Icelander or a sensible Swede or a clever Canadian anyone else for that matter – BE PREPARED, In fact, if you are thinking of purchasing one of these business and money saving machines, have a look at our buying guide here….

…or give us a call on 0345 4588 905 to discuss any of your snow clearance needs’ or anything else for that matter.   See ya!     Holly

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