Jingle Bells, All Is Well, Here’s To Christmas Cheer. Buy Your Ride-on Now With Our Free Finance – Just Look Here!

Those of you who have been paying attention cannot help but have noticed that Christmas is all but upon us. It has always been my feeling that this time of year should be a time of friendship and harmony, full of warmth and light and a real attempt to keep out the darkness and cold. In fact this is the history of the festival of Yule that pre-dates Christmas.

It was the celebration of the shortest day, and the longest night, and subsequently an optimistic look forward to the ending of the the freezy, gloomy season.

This is why we lavish gifts on our loved ones, feast royally, eating the preserved fruits that we created in the warmer months – still enjoyed as mincemeat, Christmas cake, Christmas puddings, spiced sweetmeats and Christmas chutney, and turn up the lighting and the heat. We are banishing the Winter, fending off the cold and celebrating the spirit of plenty that we hope will come again when the weather turns and the days are long again.

“Christmas at the Hardys’. “Just a light buffet – we’ll have a proper meal later”.

That’s certainly what happens in the Hardy household come Christmas. Our table groans like Bing Crosby once Mrs Drew has finished loading it. Then she tells me I need to go to the gym in the New Year. I don’t know.

We try to keep oursleves entertained. We sing, we dance, we tell stories, play games, even watch TV, all to keep the shadows out. Quite what all that has to do with Shakin’ Stevens, Slade and Jona Lewie I’m not sure, but it’s certainly true that hopeful and optimistic Christmas music has always been part of our ‘Get rid of the gloom’ mindset.

So. It’s about looking forward to next year, being optimistic and pushing the darkness away. And this is where MowDirect’s current Christmas offer comes in.

Why buy your tractor now? Easy. Because getting your ideal Ride-on now, making that commitment to next season, looking forward to the lush benevolence of Mother Nature, as she wakes from her sleep next year and gifts us with growth and green in the world again is another way to look forward and say “Yah. Boo. Sucks” to the Winter. And because you may well save money on next years prices.

Whether you are buying for you or for someone special, Whether you want a powerful workhorse or just something fun to ride-on while you cut the lawn, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is you can purchase a shiny, gleaming and reliable Ride-on Mower, be it a Mini-rider,  Lawn Tractor or Garden Tractor, front cut, side-discharge or rear collect with no interest and spread the cost over the next nine months*

This means you can get any of the latest models, at today’s price and avoid the inevitable price increases that the New Year brings

Lawnflite 603 XT-S, Popular Powerful and comes with a FREE TRAILER! Merry Christmas.

As our esteemed colleague Dick pointed out yesterday, in his helpful blog, in many cases that also means you will get a FREE trailer, worth £199. This is included with many models, like the ever popular and much-loved Lawnflite 603 XT-S Lawn Tractor, already a steal at £1499 (£200 below the RRP) and coming with the trailer PLUS 0% finance for nine months? What’s not to like?

A trailer means your ride-on becomes an all year round vehicle, and don’t even have to wiat for Spring to use it. In fact we have a whole host of attachments ready to make the most of your ride on. See here for our range. 

In fact there are several lawnflite tractors, with great prices that include a FREE trailer, as well as a couple of top notch Al-Ko models.They are all in our Top 25 and all, of course, come with 0% finance – take a look at the selection here.

And that’s not it for the FREE gifts. The MTD 2-in-1 Combi Lawn Tractor comes with a FREE mulch kit worth £79 – and it’s a lovely, reliable and efficient tractor with it’s distictive white snowy livery at a very low price indeed!

MTD 2-in1-combi- FREE kit? Thanks very mulch!

And as another bonus, every single one of our ride-ons comes with FREE petrol and our FREE Premium Delivery Service.

That means your Ride-on arrives assembled, tested, tuned, polished and ready to go. It also comes with FREE technical back-up if you need it and a handy tips and user guide, specially created for our Ride-on customers.

So go on. Treat yourself, or someone else, banish the gloom, celebrate the coming Spring (if you squint you might just see it in the distance) and have a Jolly Ride-on Christmas.

P.S. Oh. And even if a ride-on is not what you are looking for right now, why not take a look at our hand-picked Christmas Gift Selection. There’s something for all gardeners and all pockets here…

Great Christmas Gifts For Gardeners








And, enjoy your garden!      Drew Hardy

*Subject to status

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