Get A New Ride-On Now – Spread The Cost Over Nine Months.

Like any large purchase, choosing and buying a Lawn Tractor, Garden Tractor or any Ride-on Mower is not like popping down to the shops for a paper and a packet of Jaffa Cakes. No, we understand it is a substantial investment. It takes a bit of thought and a bit of economic nouse. It takes a bit of budget juggling and planning and, if you’re me a large brandy and a sit-down afterwards in a quiet room.

"Wallets suffer terribly at this time of year..."
“Wallets suffer terribly at this time of year…”

To make matters worse, at this particularly expensive time of year, season of goodwill or not, your wallet might well be tapping you on the shoulder and saying “Oi, Guv, can you leave me be for a bit?” and groaning under the weight of cakes, turkeys, trees, baubles, bangles, beads and frippery of many shapes and colours. Wallets do suffer so at this, difficult, time of year.

There are always more things to pay for than you think and so much of them have to be paid for NOW!

So MowDirect has decided to make our customers a very special offer this Christmas.

Any Ride-on, Lawn or Garden Tractor purchased during December is eligible for 0% finance. So you can get in ahead of next year’s prices, buy at this year’s price and spread the cost of your purchase over next season

It’s easy to apply for and, as Dick pointed out in his excellent blog of the 28th November, this means you could get hold of some of our most popular and well-featured tractors right now with very little initial outlay and take advantage of our some of our fabulous Christmas Gift idea deals like the fabulous Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider at only £1,249.00 or the equally superb Lawnflite 603 XT-S Lawn Tractor at just £1,499.00. In fact there are a number of top quality ride-ons and tractors in our Christmas Gift department, every one of which is eligible for 0% finance. Take a look here…

Mountfield 1530M lawn tractor
New Shiny. Brilliant! Mountfield 1530M lawn tractor

Machines like the Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor, from the UK’s leading manufacturer, a talented, sparkly performer so popular it should have its own TV series. It has a cutting width of 84cm, a 452cc engine and has two blades to create a powerful airflow and shoot wet clippings into the grass box as fast as Alan Sugar firing an apprentice.

There are five forward gears, and one reverse gear plus a warning alert alarm when the grass collector needs to be emptied, which is you can do without even leaving the driving seat, thanks to a clever telescopic lever.

The price of this little red beauty is just £1699. That’s a huge £200 below the maker’s recommended price. It has a a five-year manufacturers warranty and within two to three working days is free. Plus, you can order it up to 3pm Friday for a Saturday delivery for a small extra fee.

And, like all our ride-ons and tractors, it comes with our Premium Delivery Service – so it’s delivered to you assembled, tested, tuned, polished and ready to go, with special used guidelines and technical backup. All for FREE.

And of course, it is, as all our Ride-ons are (at the risk of repeating myself) eligible for our December 0% Finance offer. In fact, we have a fantastic Top Ten of special ride-on and tractor deals, all available at guaranteed lowest prices. Why not take a look. 

If you have any questions about any of these machines or our 0% finance for nine months offer please give our friendly elves a tinkle on 020 3697 9432.

And do keep watching our pages. We will be offering some great gardening gift suggestions over the next few weeks.

And, even in these pre-Christmas, cold and frosty days… enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy.

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