Is Shopping Your Nightmare Before Christmas? Stay At Home & Shop Online

christmas_banner_main_blog_imageI don’t wish to frighten you but close your eyes and picture this. A huge shop, a superstore if you will, packed to the gunwales with gleaming, sparkling gifts, piled higher than Donald Trump’s unpaid tax bill with with everything you want, pleading with you in voices akin to Vincent Price’s pathetic squeak in The Fly, ‘Buy me”, “Buy me” but all just out of your reach, kept away from your eager, clasping hands by a sea of mothers, toddlers, men, women and snotty nosed children all fighting for the same single gift that you want! AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

Yeah. Right. This is what Christmas shopping is like in a Disney Movie.
Yeah. Right. This is what Christmas shopping is like in a Disney Movie.

That’s usually when I awake in a sweat, gasping for air like a beached whale, eyes wide, hands still reaching out for my unattainable prize. Christmas Shopping. My worst nightmare. Hordes of people cramming the aisles, a sense of foreboding as the very last of the item you have taken weeks to make up your mind about disappears. What to do?

Well that’s blooming easy. Go online. I’ve decided that’s my way forward. Why trudge through the streets of town

avoiding the glance of charity hawkers and lethal push-chairs, being freezing in the street and boiling hot in the shops when you can sit back, glass of Rioja in hand, trawling the net, clicking on exactly what you want and arranging delivery for exactly

Christmas shopping - the reality!
Christmas shopping – the reality!

when you want. Especially when delivery is FREE as it is from MowDirect.*

OK. So the occasional parcel ends up with your neighbour, or delayed or shoved under a hedge somewhere but it sure beats pounding pavements like a 1960s bobby on the beat searching for an elusive bargain.

And MowDirect are getting in on the act too. This year, in an attempt to make things easier, all the hard working little elves at MowDirect have assembled a veritable Santa’s grotto of goodies and glorious gifts suitable for your garden or for the gardener or gardeners in your life,

From great bargain Oleo-Mac mowers like the much loved G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4  a very popular machine indeed, to fabulous Japanese Tanaka Brushcutters, like the TCG-27EBS(S) powerful Hayter Lawnmowers like the highly regarded Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Autodrive Rear Roller at out of season prices  to our very own MD-4 Ton Electric Logsplitter, the success story of the winter, at an all time low cost, we have gifts to suit every gardening taste and need. All are at low, seasonal prices are covered by our famous after sales service promise and come with FREE delivery to a UK mainland address.

Crowdpleaser - The MD-4 at a Christmas Only Price
Crowdpleaser – The MD-4 at a Christmas Only Price

So this year, don’t put yourself through hell, don’t take your love to town, just settle down, cosy out and cuddle up on your arm chair with your tablet, mobile or laptop, pop something chocolaty in your mouth and shop the smart way. The modern way. The MowDirect way.

And look out for Dick’s blog tomorrow where he’ll be highlighting even more great gift ideas and seasonal deals. Enjoy your garden…. Drew Hardy


*UK mainland only 


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