Autumn in a Picture. Annie’s Witty Photo Wins Her a Redback Cordless Blower

The winning photo – ‘Having a Brolly Good Time’.


You will all know by now that our Snap Autumn competition has now closed and we have a very worthy winner in Annie Taylor of Evesham in the West Midlands. Very many congratulations Annie! You win our fabulous Redback Cordless Leaf Blower, including a fast charging battery and charger, so you can finally blow all those leaves away.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Annie’s Prize! Redback Cordless Leaf Blower plus battery & charger

The competition was very stiff indeed and the standard exceedingly high. That’s not just me saying that. To be honest I can hardly take a picture without blurring the image, getting the focus wrong or forgetting to switch the camera on. No. Professional freelance photographer and chief judge Mark Mercer was very impressed with the overall standard and was genuinely delighted by the care and attention so many of you took to get a good image. There was a general agreement amongst the judges that there wasn’t really a bad one in the bunch.

But someone has to win and this is what Mark said about Annie Taylor’s winning photo…Having a brolly good time.

“A lot of imagination, effort, and fun went into creating this witty autumn winning image. I love the perfect leaf umbrella, the contrast between the vivid green grass and vibrant red coat, but most of all the model’s smile. Also the photographer chose a high viewpoint to get a great composition. Well done Annie”

But the decision was not easy and we decided there were at least four more photos that ought to be mentioned… so here is what Mark had to say about our four runners up.

Nigel Latham‎ Taken at Westonbirt Arboretum last week.

1-tree_of_light“In the absence of a catchy title, we took to calling this picture ‘tree of light’.  This beautiful image really captures the essence of autumn. The photographer did very well to capture the technically tricky shaft of light and shade. A very close second.”


Joanne Patmore Autumn grassroots football

2-goalposts_“Pure nostalgia for me, and the rake is great fun. The photographer is using perspective and composition to good effect.”


Rosalind Harrison Autumn in our Oxfordshire garden. Mushrooms and leaves!

3-toadstools“Great nature shot, what a lot of fungi, the photographer has chosen a low angle and filled the frame.”


Jane Geoghegan Entry to your Autumn photo competition

4-toddler__boy_leaves“Children having fun with Autumn leaves. It’s what photography was invented for! Lovely autumn low sunlight image.”

So. There you go. Thanks very much to Mark for his skills, judgement and comments. And thanks again to all of you who entered. It’s amazing how many people out there can use the camera with such skill and creativity and these Autumn images, every one for me, gives me a sense of this beautiful, occasionally wild, season of change.

Annie, enjoy your Redback blower and congratulations again. And remember, there’s still plenty to do out there amongst the leaves before we all hibernate, curled up in our chairs with our boxed sets and warm drinks, so don’t forget to enjoy your garden… and look around occasionally, Autumn is pretty stunning.    Drew Hardy.



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