Time to tackle the weekend leaf fall before they become dangerous

The weekend gales really sent the leaves flying.

And the lashing of rain has left many piles of them, soggy and potentially dangerous and in need of clearing up.

Raking is certainly an option, but it takes forever, is tiring and not that efficient.

Hence modern leaf blowers, which can do the job quickly and simply and with much less effort. And they can eve shift trodden down, matted piles which can be the devil’s own job raking up.


Tanaka leaf blower
Japanese power: Tanaka trb 24eap leaf blower

So have a look at these two modern machines from world-leading garden machinery companies.

The first is the Tanaka TRB-24EAP Hand-Held Petrol Leaf-Blower a machine which has so much power it will also attract the attention of commercial gardeners.

The 24cc PureFire engine is mean on fuel and produces few emissions and gives a 76 metres a second blast of air, enough to shift the thickest pile of wet leaves.

It is fitted with a large fuel tank and weighs 4.3kg and is a very well-balanced machine so it can be used for long periods.

New for this year, it costs £189, so you save £60 on the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a five-year warranty.

The company also produces a commercial machine, the Tanaka THB-260PF Commercial-Grade Handheld Petrol Blower-Vac which costs £268 and has a two year commercial warranty.

With this one you receive a free shredder kit worth £69.

The next machine is from an Italian company and is exclusive to us, the Oleo-Mac BV270 Pro Leaf-Blower with Free Vac-Kit.

Italian made: Oleo-Mac BV270 with free vac kit
Italian made: Oleo-Mac BV270 with free vac kit

It has a 30.5cc engine and gives a 234km/hour air blast and yet is remarkably quiet to use.

This has enough force to shift leaves, twigs, pine cones, the lot and has a four steel-bladed impeller to suck the leaves and debris in and shred it into the 36-litre collection bag.

The vac kit is included in the price.

Another machine which is often the choice of professional gardeners, this one costs £219.95, a huge £80 under the recommended price.

We deliver it free the next working day and there is a five-year warranty.

These are just three of the machines on our site and for a full list see these pages. And you can always give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you would like out advice before buying.


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