Our Autumn Photo Competition Closes Soon. But There’s Still Time to Win a Redback Blower!

I really don’t know where I am. Since Drew decided, in his infinite wisdom, to snaffle Tuesday for his Redback Cordless Blower Movie Blog (good though it is) I have been all of a dither, discombobulated and discountenanced.

There I am, tootling along, happily scribbling my little blog on a Tuesday and, suddenly, with nary a word of warning, I find myself in the midst of a strange cultural wasteland that is Thursday. My cosy, familiar, twinkly Tuesday is nothing but a distant memory, a spot on the horizon that once was mine. Here I stand in the disorientating netherworld of later-in-the-week-but-not-quite-the-weekend-but-better-than-Wednesday oddness…well I am sure you get the picture.

Basically I’m a little bit lost as Tuesday is my usual blog spot and I don’t know quite what to write about so I am filling in the big, white, scary spaces with existential nonsense. As usual did you say? How very dare you.

Contrariwise turns out that me being cast into the outer reaches of the day before Friday is quite apposite as I have an important message to bring to you all. Hurry, hurry, hurry, our Autumn Snap Photo Competition is nearly over. I blogged about the competition back on the 8th November but time flies faster than Donald Trump writing down everything he knows about politics and we are racing towards the deadline (midnight on the 21st August).

So. Whip out your digital camera or your smartphone (that’s if you’ve ever put it away, most people have them glued to their hands these days) pop on your wellies, that scarf you got bought last Christmas but never get round to wearing and a fleece or two and go and take a glorious picture that sums up the colour, beauty and the very essence of autumn. You know, fallen leaves, frost, sunrises, cute dogs trying hard to be cast in the next John Lewis Christmas commercial, that sort of thing.

I have to say we have had some fabulous entries so far – which you can see here, and some more here but the more the merrier. I am not, of course, allowed to enter but if I were, I might enter something like this…

The Road To Autumn
The Road To Autumn

…good isn’t it?

Anyway, Mark, our talented and busy pro photographer is getting very excited by the entries and we all agree the standard of photos is very high indeed.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Wow! Redback Cordless Leaf Blower – YOU CAN WIN ONE

And you should be excited by the prize. The winner gets a fabulous, revolutionary Redback Cordless Blower, developed by us in partnership with the manufacturer. The blower comes with a battery and a charger and the winning entry will be featured in a special prizewinner blog with some comments from the judges. This prize really is worth going for and just in time for the big leaf clear-up.

As I think I said earlier, Drew featured the blower in his blog this Tuesday (grrr!) as MowDirect has made a short film, showing just how powerful thi tool isThe 40 volt battery is faster charging, gives you a good long running time, doesn’t lose its charge in storage  and will fit any of the extensive Redback range of tools. I would have said ideal for a small garden but you should see this thing clear the large lawn in the video.

So get snapping lovely people and I’ll raise a glass of the effervescent Italian nectar to the winner.   Back to Tuesday next week I’ll be bound. See ya.   Holly.



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