The Leaf Police? Look At The Amazing Redback Blower & Watch the Movie Here.

Hello campers. Although, if you are thinking of camping at this time of year, you probably won’t read this because you’re too busy pretending to enjoy yourself, bailing out your tent and wishing you were in a Travelodge. Anyway. I noticed from Dick’s blog yesterday that he is still trying to warn people of the dangers of leaves on the lawn, path, drive and patio.

He warns of the leaf police (Possibly influenced by the tongue twister, the Leith Police Dismisseth us) but I am not entirely sure who these leaf police are. Are they leaves?

If so, as I suggest in my title, they might be from Special Branch, but if you haven’t twigged by now, you might be barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps the whole idea comes from Junior Murvin’s classic reggae anthem ‘Police and Leaves‘. What? OK. I know. Enough awful puns.

The Leaf Police: Officers Roberts & Hardy at your servic
The Leaf Police: Officers Roberts & Hardy at your service

Anyway. It’s more likely he is referring to us. We are the leaf police, Officer Dick and I, here to offer you friendly advice and try to help you do something about this plague of fallen flora that so many people don’t realise is a menace. Or should we just arrest you for negligence and throw away the key. Hmm. Harsh? Possibly.

The leaf fall has increased and the whole thing could get out of hand if you don’t pay attention. The message is clear. Leaves are armed (well, stemmed) and extremely dangerous.

These  gold, red and brown monsters have been known to band together and stop great big butch express trains from moving, never mind spoiling your lawn, clogging your drains and putting you at risk of slipping and falling on your harris. Like the Mogwai. They are friendly, attractive things, that wouldn’t hurt a fly. BUT…. DON’T GET THEM WET!  Then they turn into dangerous, pest inducing, lawn ruining, light blocking, nutrient stealing, slip-hazarding leafy GREMLINS.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
It blew me away: Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

Anyhoo. The point is THEY NEED CLEARING and Dick’s excellent recommendations aside, I can help with this.

How? Easy. The Redback EC435C Cordless Leaf Blower. Hand on heart I can honestly say I watched a superb demonstration, last Friday, featuring this little wonder and I was, forgive the pun, fairly blown away.

This battery powered blower had power beyond my expectations and I can hear the cynics already puffing and blowing and saying ‘it’ll never catch on’, but I watched this machine clear, not just leaves, but a shed load of wet leaves, from a large lawn with ease and with power left in the machine.

That’s not something I’ve seen before and certainly matches the power of many other blowers. However, it’s not just the power. The point is, the Redback is quiet, very affordable, there are no fumes, it’s cheap to run, environmentally friendly and it’s very lightweight.

Better still, there is a Redback Blower MOVIE. The demo was filmed on the day so take a look for yourself, it’s pretty impressive…

That’s what i’m talking about. The pro gardener who was at the demo was impressed and those leaves were not super dry either!  Plus, you can power the rest of the range (chainsaw, hedgetrimmer, grass trimmer, tree pruner, lawnmower)  with the same powerful 40 volt battery. I do recommend you check one out, you may well be very surprised. It’s only £89.00 (tool only) £30 below the R.R.P and it’s delivered FREE next day to the UK mainland.

And that’s it from me. Short and sweet I know but this is a message that speaks for itself. I’ve seen at least one lawn taking on heavy casualties due to the piles of wet leaves on it so get those leaves cleared before it’s your lawn they destroy.   Enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy.

P.S. If you haven’t entered our fabulous Autumn Photo Competition yet, where you can win one of these Redback Blowers, plus a Battery and Charger, you’ve still got time. But Hurry, the competition closes on November the 21st.

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