The north wind doth blow, and guess what …..

Stating the obvious, but isn’t British weather weird.

A week ago we were urging you to keep trimming the lawn, even though the leaves are a-tumbling, now we have snow to endure.

Yes the first white stuff of winter is falling everywhere from the Midlands northwards.

Cars are difficult to control, paths are lethal and drives are blocked, and yet last year many of us escaped with only a few sharp frosts and a light dusting.

But life need not be so difficult if you get one of these, an Oleo-Mac Artik 56 EL Dual-Stage Snow Blower (Electric Start).

Artik 56 snow blower
Dual power: Oleo-Mac Artik 56 Snow Blower

Snow blowers are increasingly popular and this one especially so with its 212cc engine started with a key rather than a cord.

This is a dual stage machine which has a vicious blade to break up and drag even compacted snow into the body of the machine before the second stage, a powerful impeller, blasts it up to 15 metres clear.

The chute is adjustable via both height and direction and the intake height is 51cm.

There are five forward and one reverse gears and Snow Hog pneumatic tyres to give brilliant grip in the worst weather.

It costs £599, £100 below the recommended price and we deliver it free within two to three working days. Plus there is a five year warranty.

Please ring us on 08454 588905 if you want to ask us anything about this machine or any of the others you can see on these pages.




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