A Lawn Tractor? In Autumn? Why? Ooh, Look at All the Pretty Leaves On My Lawn

MTD Lawn Tractors. Wow. If you read Dick Robert’s informative and tractor packed blog yesterday I am hoping you are, at this very moment, poised over your computer or mobile device screen drooling at the prospect of riding on one of these little beauties.

Now. You may think a tractor is a tractor is a tractor. But, gentle reader, ’tis not so. The MTD machines in question, the MTD 2-in-1 Combi Lawn Tractor and the MTD Direct Collect, are rugged, American, well-built and engineered to last, like Kirk Douglas with wheels. What’s more. they have that white livery. White! I know. Almost rock stars of the tractor world wouldn’t you say? Crazy? Maybe. Doesn’t half stand out though what?

MTD Direct Collect Lawn Tractor
All White Now: MTD Direct Collect Lawn Tractor

Enough. I could sing the praises of these two vehicular grass-cutting sirens until kingdom come but the main thrust of this miniature blogette is mainly to remind you that a tractor isn’t just for the Summer (just like a puppy is not just for Christmas. Yes,  I used the C word, I’ll put money in the swear box as soon as I’ve finished this. ) There is, of course, still a good reason to cut the grass, i.e. it is still growing, but there are many other and varied uses for your ride-on or tractor out of the major cutting season and I’d like to suggest a couple to you. And, er, can you actually see the grass anyway or does your lawn look like the picture above? Which leads me quite nicely to important, lawn tractor related autumn task number one.

Carting Leaves. Again, another Autumn use for your bog standard trailer attached to the rear of your lawn tractor. All those

A Clean Sweep: Agri-Fab Smart Sweep 44" Towed Leaf Sweeper.
A Clean Sweep: Agri-Fab Smart Sweep 44″ Towed Leaf Sweeper.

leaves that are terrorising your poor lawn, stealing it’s water and light and creating a neat little housing estate for pests, blow ’em or rake  ’em into piles, dump ’em in the trailer and cart them over to a compost bin to break down into mulch. Simple. Or you could buy yourself a towable leaf sweeper like the Agri-Fab Smart-Sweep 44″ Towed Lawn & Leaf Sweeper (45-0492) and sweep all the leaves up in one go.

Hauling Logs  (Convoy anyone?) Yup. The Winter sets in, you pop down to the spinney ion the edge of your property to pick up some free firewood from the treethat came down in the big winds a few months ago.  You could walk. Carry it by hand all the way back to the homestead one branch at a time? Drag it along behind you like a reluctant child being taken to the dentist? No.  What better way to do this than attaching a jolly decent trailer to thehitch-pin of your tractor and carting it all off at once. Plus, you could pop the childrenor grandchildren in there and take them for a ride around the garden, or even charge your neighbours for lifts to the local pub.

A jolly Decent Trailer: The Agri-Fab Tip Trailer
A jolly Decent Trailer: The Agri-Fab Tip Trailer

Maybe not. but you will be amazed at how a good trailer will help you get added value from your lawn tractor. Why not look at the Agri-Fab Tow/Push Poly Tipping Cart (45-0345) As one of our customers has said it’s a “Well designed, rugged and useful piece of kit” and a snip at £179.00, £30 below the RRP of £209. It would make a great…er…dare I say the word…Christmas present too. There. I’ve said it. again. More money in the box and I won’t mention it again until December, honest.

Lawnflite 603RT - Comes with a FREE tractor, Cripes!
Lawnflite 603RT – Comes with a FREE trailer Cripes!

In fact, you don’t even have to buy a trailer if you need a new tractor anyway. There’s even a FREE trailer with the Lawnflite 603 RT Tractor. Yes. FREE!

So. Finally. Read Dick’s blog if you want to get to know the MTD Tractors a bit better and DO think about using your lawn tractor for more than just mowing. Make it earn its living.

Enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy




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