Time to clear away the leaves before they turn paths into ice rinks

The leaves have started to fall in earnest now, and it can’t be long before we are warned of train delays – the dreaded leaves on the line… and not the lines Holly was talking abut last week.

Trodden down, matted leaves can be as slippery as ice and need to be cleared before they become dangerous.

And if your lawn could speak, it would tell you it doesn’t like dead leaves taking away its daylight and moisture so it can’t grow.

Remember that lawns keep growing through most winter months, so a light trim once in a while will lead to vigorous growth come Spring.

An easy way to clear leaves on lawns and paths and drives is this great machine, the Agri-Fab 26″ Push Lawn & Leaf Sweeper (45-0218), on special offer at the moment.

Agri-Fab leaf sweeper
Beats the Rake: Agri-Fab 26in leaf sweeper

As the wheels revolve they turn brushes which sweep leaves and other debris on paths and lawns into the collector at the back which holds 200 litres.

And when that’s full it is simply detached so you can empty it on to the compost heap – dead leaves mixed with other soft garden waste and grass clippings rot down to make an excellent all-purpose compost – and it’s free!

As the sweeping width is 66cm it is suitable for areas up to 2000m2 – or even bigger if don’t mind pushing it for longer.

The wheels have a decent tread to give a good grip and the whole machine weighs 13.5kg.

The recommended price is £189 but we have it for sale for £159.

Here’s what our customers have been saying about it … “Simple, quiet and effective. I wouldn’t be without it…”, “It’s a real time-saver and I recommend it.”,  “I purchased one for myself and was so impressed I donated one to the hospice, where I am a volunteer gardener” and “…a godsend for the autumn clean up. Well Recommended

We deliver it free of charge the day after we receive your order and it has a three-year warranty from Agri-Fab, a leading American manufacturer and designer of garden machinery.

There are many ways of clearing leaves and debris from lawns and paths and the full selection is listed on these pages.




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