Great value mower to tackle the wet autumn lawns

With the grass still growing apace thanks to rain you need to keep it trimmed, but not too short.

As you’ll hear said, just knock the whiskers off.

And if you need a new mower as the old faithful has finally given up the ghost this one from a leading manufacturer will certainly fit the bill.

Mountfield HW531 lawnmower
Versatile and strong: Mountfield HW531 lawnmower

The Mountfield HW531-PD 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower can handle all sorts of grass from smooth lawns to the rougher patches and can certainly handle wet grass as well as dry.

For this mower will collect the clippings, discharge them to the side and back and, when conditions allow, will mulch them.

But beware mulching clippings when it’s wet as you’ll be left with unsightly clumps.

Powering it along is a 160cc Mountfield engine producing plenty of power.

And with its cutting width of 53cm it can handle large areas in double quick time.

It has six cutting heights from 26mm to 87mm and the front of the cutting deck has a special plate which prevents scalping the lawn on the uneven patches.

An ideal mower for the autumn, this one costs £369, £80 off the price recommended by the manufacturer and it has a five year warranty.

And we deliver it the next working day for free and with a bottle of engine oil to get you started.

Please give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you any more information.

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