When Leaves of Brown Come Tumbling Down, It’s Time to Read Dick’s Blogs

No one knows more about Autumn clearance and the dangers of letting leaves sit on your lawn than our colleague Dick. He has often told me how the leaves will rot and can encourage pests, disease and can choke your lawn, preventing it from recovering and reducing the chances of a lush and beautiful lawn next year. For that reason he blogs a great deal about leaf clearing equipment, which, if you have any trees near your garden, is a worthwhile, if not essential, investment.

I can’t do the stuff that Dick does, but I do learn a lot from him and if i need to know what’s what, I either go to him (or my friend Brody occasionally). So with great respect and the usual awe that I feel when our Dick shows just what he knows about all things powered in the garden, I would like to offer this simple piece of doggerel – an ode to Dick, his helpful Autumn clearance blogs (including yesterday’s ) and, in general, Autumn’s leaf blowing extravaganza.

Ode To Dick Roberts

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Quiet, cable-free petrol matching power: Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

When leaves of brown come tumbling down

Just read the words of our man Dick

With sound advice on how to move

Those golden piles, profuse and thick.

Dick is our man for solid prose

On money saving and best sellers.

No-one keeps you on your toes

Like Dick, he’s one of those smart fellers.

He’ll talk of deals on Redback blowers

Exclusive here to MowDirect

So powerful, lightweight and with massive

Tanaka 260-TBF leaf blower
Professional quality: Tanaka THB-260PF leaf blower

Savings that you must respect.

He’ll speak of our Tanaka Blowers

Petrol powered and very strong

with ratio of power to weight

So good you just cannot go wrong.

He’ll then espouse the finer points

Of Wheeled Lawn and Litter Vacs

And leading brands like Billy Goat,

He’ll give you all the stats and facts.

Yes Dick’s your man when Autumn calls.

Billy Goat KV500 Estate Series Lawn vac
Bigger gardens: Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series garden vac

Just read his blogs and you’ll respect

Both Dick and every deal we offer

Straight to you, from MowDirect.


And If you need even more advice or help on anything in our range, just call our well-informed and friendly team on O845 4588 905.   See ya.  Holly



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