Battery Blower with the Power of Petrol For a Leaf Free Lawn

Everyone loves the sight of tumbling golden leaves on a crisp Autumn day. But what not everyone knows is how bad those leaves can be for your lawn after they have landed.  They can clog it up, stop water and nutrition getting in there and keep light off it, reducing its health and lush appearance.

And not just that. They can be a slip hazard and an eyesore on your patio, drive or decking once they have got soggy from the Autumn rains and start to rot.

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Quiet, cable-free petrol matching power: Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

So you need a really good blower and this powerful battery powered one is just the job. Exclusive to MowDirect, and developed by us in collaboration with the manufacturer The Redback E435C Cordless Leaf-Blower is easy to use, lightweight  and very quite, especially in comparison with petrol  models.

A revolution in battery powered tools, this little dynamo can be powered by any of three 40v batteries (2Ah; 4Ah; 6Ah) reaching power output that can truly rival a petrol blower.

These batteries give optimum power, charge quickly and don’t lose their charge when in storage. You can also charge them at any point in the charging cycle with no loss of power.

It has four speed controls to choose from and it weighs only 2.5kg excluding the battery. With the battery it is, still a light weight tool, but if you want to keep the weight to 3.6kg, you can fit the battery into a handy and comfortable belt that powers the tool through a short and robust 1.5m adaptor-cable. The Redback EA01 Power Belt is another innovation in battery powered technology.  It is compatible with all three Redback 40v lithium-ion cells.

It comes with a flexible but robust 1.5m adaptor-cable and boasts padding that ensures its sits comfortably around the waist.

Running times are: for the 2Ah, 50minutes; for the 4Ah, 90minutes; and for the 6Ah, 200minutes. We deliver it for FREE the next working day.

It costs just £89, £30 less than the recommended price and has a reassuring three-year warranty

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