Ten Top Machines for the Autumn Toolshed

Leaves changing colour, falling temperatures, and the gradual erosion of our sunlit evenings is a sure sign that Autumn is on the way.

We’ve enjoyed a variable Summer season but I don’t think we can complain. We had a fair share of sunny days to enjoy our gardens and now we have to knuckle down and get on with the maintaining, preparing and clearing up.

So here are ten top tools for trimming, chopping and cleaning up your garden.

As leaves fall, it’s worth remembering that letting them sit on the lawn can cause real problems like disease and choking of the grass  (Drew mentioned this in his blog yesterday).

Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
Quiet, cable-free power: Redback Cordless Leaf Blower

So it’s probably worth starting with this excellent cordless leaf blower from Redback, exclusive to MowDirect.

It’s lightweight at 2.5kg easy to use and compatible with any of the three powerful and advanced Samsung 40v lithium-ion batteries (2Ah; 4Ah; 6Ah) that offer petrol matching power, fast charging and long run times.

It has a variable speed control for versatiltiy and a super efficient brushless DC motor.

This one has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and costs £89, £30 below the manufacturers RRP

And after you’ve cleared the leaves, it’s a really good idea to aerate and scarify, opening up the sward to receive more nutrients and water and removing moss and thatch for a lush lawn next year.

Einhell GE-SA scarifier
Scarifier & Aerator in one: Einhell GE-SA 1335P scarifier/aerator

So take a look at this great value petrol aerator/scarifier.

The German engineered Einhell GE-SA 1335P Petrol Combi Scarifier / Aerator is a powerful and versatile little workhorse designed to give you a healthy and great looking lawn.

It’s powered by a n efficient and clean 53.2cc petrol engine offering 1.7hp / 1.3kW

This model has 20  aeration knives  and  26 scarifying spikes all made of durable and rust-free stainless steel.

It has single lever height adjustment and fully foldable handles for convenience and easy storage.

And don’t forget, it’s an aerator and scarifier so you get two functions for the price of one! 

It comes with a two-year warranty and this one costs £249.95, a full £150 below the maker’s recommended price.

Now’s also the time to be thinking about breaking up some of that hard ground in your vegetable patch or up at the allotment to prepare it for the Winter.

Einhell BG-MT 3360 tiller
German engineering and power: Einhell BG-MT tiller

So here is the perfect tool to carry out that hard work and save your back.

The Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Tiller/Cultivator is a rugged and German engineered machine with an extra wide tilling width of 60cm.

The engine is a reliable and efficient  6hp model with throttle-controlIt

This tiller/cultivator cuts through the soil with a set of six hard and strong tines with four blades each.

It sports a deadman’s handle to keep the operator safe and has an extra large fuel tank so you can work for longer without stopping.

This one costs £279.95 a massive £220 off the RRP and comes with a two-year warranty.

Quiet and powerful: Redback E216c Cordless Chainsaw
Quiet and powerful: Redback E216c Cordless Chainsaw

So here is a great chainsaw that will give you all the power you need for that tough job without breaking the bank or waking up the neighbours.

The Redback E216C Cordless Chainsaw (Tool Only) is a remarkable battery powered chainsaw that offers petrol power with cordless convenience.

A premium lithium-ion powered tool it is part of a new range of revolutionary cordless garden-machinery and is exclusive to MowDirect in the UK.

And with an industry-leading Oregon chain bar you know it’s got the teeth for the job.

It features automatic chain-oiling for great performance and easy maintenance and a dual-action chain-brake for reassuring operator safety.

The price is £179.00, £70 under the manufacturers listed price. The battery is available separately.

Great performance at a great price: The MD Tondu Wheeled trimmer
Great performance at a great price: The MD Tondu Wheeled trimmer

The grass in the orchard or the end of the garden has probably got a bit out of hand, so you’ll need a good trimmer to deal with it.

Enter the popular and great value MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer, a big hit with customers and amazing value.

The five-star rated Tondu is exclusive to MowDirect and is quite possibly the best buy on the market. It is powered by an OHV, 160cc, 4-stroke from industry giants Loncin.

It has a generous cutting width of 56cm and height adjustment from 35mm up to 75mm.

Other great features include a nylon line so you can work up close to obstacles and cause no damage, a rugged and durable steel deck and bail-arm control.

A comfort grip and folding handlebars are featured for user convenience.

it costs an amazing £279.00, a full £120 below the RRP and comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty.

Here’s what some of our customers think “Excellent Piece of Kit“,”..excellent price; extremely good value for money.” and “…does an amazing job, I wish we had got one years ago”. Why not have a look at the rest of the reviews.

Cutting edge power; Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedgetrimmer
Cutting edge power; Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedgetrimmer

Now, here are a couple of great hedgetrimmers to help tame those out of control bushes and hedges.

First is the Japanese Tanaka TCM22ECP2, a real powerhouse of a hedgetrimmer with a 2-stroke, purefire 21.1cc petrol engine.

Designed for commercial as well as domestic use, this is a premium tool perfectly balanced and features very low vibration-levels.

It also comes fitted with a Sound Reduction System for quite and ‘neighbour-sensitive’ operation.

The double-sided blades are 66cm in length and are reciprocating. The handle rotates through 180 degrees with a ‘quick-twist action, making it very easy to use, not to mention a front-positioned exhaust that makes sure gases and heat are directed  away from the user’s fac.

This top-grade hedgetrimmer comes with a very reassuring five-year manufacturers warranty and costs only £329 , a whopping £90 below the manufacturers recommended price.

long reaching power: Redback E920D Cordless Pole-Hedgetrimmer
Long reaching power: Redback E920D Cordless Pole-Hedgetrimmer

If you don’t want to use a petrol hedgetrimmer but need power that feels like petrol, and a tool that reaches and trims where others don’t, here’s a model that is just up your street.

The Redback E920D Cordless Pole-Hedgetrimmer (Tool Only) is part of a great range of premium grade cordless tools, exclusive to MowDirect and available at special prices.

This one uses new, advanced Li-Ion battery-technology for fast charge-times, extended run-times and no loss of power in storage.

It features a shaft, handle and cutter-head that all be adjusted to suit the job you are doing and enhance your operating comfort.

A harness is included to for user comfort.

This one comes with a three-year warranty and cost only £89.00, £30 below the manufacturers RRP. Batteries are available separately.

Oleo-Mac G 53-TK plus 4 lawn mower
Bag a bargain: Oleo-Mac G53-TK All Road plus 4 lawn mower

Even though the leaves are falling soon, there’s still some mowing to do and this crowd-pleasing workhorse is just the job for efficient mowing. 

The Oleo-Mac G53-TK Allroad Plus Self-Propelled lawn Mower is a versatile machine with 4-in-1 capability and a powerful 196cc petrol engine from Emak.

Exclusive to MowDirect it has an ergonomic 6-position lever to operate the hight adjustment with heights from 28-75mm.

The G53-TK has a host of premium features such as a grass-bag full indicator, mulching capability and foldable handles for convenient storage.

Solid and ultra-reliable this Ole-Mac has become a popular lawn mower with our customers who say such things as “Top Notch Machine, Outstanding Value”, “Great quality and features.”, “Cut was perfect.” and “Brilliant..a wonderful looking machine, strong and robust build.”

This one comes with a long and reassuring five-year warranty and costs just £319.95, nearly £200 beneath the price recommended.

Easy digging: Oleo-Mac mh175rk front tine tiller
Easy digging: Oleo-Mac mh175rk front tine tiller

Now for another tiller for that obstinate veg patch from the same leading Italian manufacturer and exclusive to mowDirect.

Rugged and hard-working and great value again, the Oleo-Mac MH175RK Front-Tine Tiller with Reverse Drive is a beast of a machine with a powerful 183cc Emak OHV engine to power you into the soil and make the job easy.

Nine, heavy-duty steel blades do the digging work and the working width is a useful 80cm.

It has a transport wheel to make it easy to move from work area to work area and the reverse gear means it is is highly manoeuvrable while you are working and simple to to free up if you go too deep.

The handlebars are both vertically and laterally adjustable for convenience and efficiency and there are crop protection discs fitted so you can work between tight rows without damaging your precious plats

This tiller is amazing value at £379, £150 below the manufacturers price of £529.00.

It comes with an extended five-year warranty from the manufacturer.  

LAwnflite 603 XT-S lawn tractor
Popular tractor: Lawnflite 603 XT-S lawn tractor

And finally a powerful, rugged tractor for your larger lawns which is as popular as it is practical.

Anyone who knows lawn tractors knows Lawnflite and this tractor has a host of great features as well as a reliable and efficient Briggs and Stratton, Intek I/C AVS OHV petrol 4-stroke engine.

Starting is easy with an electric key start and driving and manoeuvring is easy with the old style gear-free transmatic 7 speed shift-as-you-go drive.

The cutting width is a very generous 76cm so you can mow quicker and there are five different cutting heights from a low 30mm up to 95mm.

The extra-large  grass collector takes 200 litres so you will need to stop less and the seat is adjustable and sprung so driving is supremely comfortable.

This mower is designed for coverage of up to 4000 m2 and there is a two-year maker’s warranty.

This one costs £1,649.00 which is a big saving for you of £120.

Hopefully as the season changes this list of ten top tools for your garden will ease you into the Autumn and help you get your jobs done easily.

But if you need any more advice on what to buy for a specific task, please give us a ring on 08454 588905.


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