Belt Up, Wake Up and Smell The Batteries. Except They Don’t Smell

I know, I know it’s hardly my style is it? But having read Dick’s fascinating little blog about this new Redback, battery powered garden range on Friday, I couldn’t really help it. And, for once I will hardly be being flippant at all on this virtual page. You all know by now that I am rarely impressed by anything with buttons and a motor (jokes on a postcard please) save perhaps my friend’s Aston Martin and a good blender, but the recent developments in battery powered tools have quite taken my breath away.

And how would I know? Me who prefers sitting in a garden with a glass to pottering around a greenhouse?  It’s actually all my friend Brody’s fault. When he came over to sort my pond out recently, he also brought his chainsaw to remove a dangerous looking branch from my pear tree. Now usually he turns up with some stinky, petrol beast that makes a noise like an angry bear with hemorrhoids but this time it was very different. His new chainsaw turned out to be one of those Redback things. (see above).  The extraordinary thing about it was he had the battery fitted to a belt. Now I know belts and you are unlikely to see this one appearing in the next Vivienne Westwood collection, But this belt is smart (so he tells me). It means that not only is the chainsaw incredibly light, the battery powerful, long-lasting and shorter charging but with the battery on the belt, connected to the saw or brushcutter, pole-pruner, blower vac and so on, the chainsaw suddenly become even more light.  Like so…


Light and powerful: Redback Cordless Chainsaw
Light and powerful: Unlike the user! Redback Cordless Chainsaw


Oh and no, that is’t Brody. He wouldn’t be seen dead in that shirt and he’s built with considerably more care. You can see there is a short cable connectimng the saw to the battery. This is revolutionary says Brody and he also tells me that this range of tools shows the future is almost without a doubt going to be battery powered. Let’s face it, there are already battery powered cars around so why not battery powered chainsaws, hedgetrimmers, lawn mowers and the rest. As they get more and more powerful, like a superhero on steroids, they could virtually run anything I suppose. They also don’t give off smelly fumes, get you all tangled up in cables or take lots of messy maintenance. What’s not to like?

Next week I will no doubt return to droning on about my social life and the joys of Autumn parties but you really do need to check out these tools. In Brody’s words ‘These are the pooches pillocks’. Hmmm. See Ya.  Holly.


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