September Song – Mournful Tune or ABBA Hit?

I don’t know about you but September, no matter how sunny, warm or calm brings out a certain air of melancholy in me. Whether it’s because I’m already starting to

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer
The Trimmer Takes It All: MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer

freeze, store and pickle produce for the Winter (well, actually, starting to pass it on to Mrs Drew to pickle, she’s better at it than I) or dead-head the plants in our hanging baskets or strimming the heck out of the long grass under the fruit trees in my mini-orchard while humming hit tunes from ABBA’s greatest hits to keep my spirits up and(only the MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower will do, incredible value believe me) I can’t say. The strimming is essential mind you, that way I can see the windfalls before I tread on them and ruin my brogues. Either way, whatever I’m up to right now, it is a challenge to keep my usual cheery smile going for the whole day when the nights start to draw in and the leaves start to turn brown. As it happens, those who know me well will argue this legendary smile doesn’t even appear in the height of Summer but no matter.

No. I can’t help but notice that Summer is mooching about, looking at its watch, with a look on its face like it has just found a great deal on and needs to fly off somewhere warm for a holiday to recuperate before next year. And what’s that? Yes. The sound of Autumn creeping up the path with a bag of old leaves trying hard not to be noticed. Hmm.

So. What’s to come? Well, long before the onslaught of Winter we have got to think about fallen leaves, cleaning out our greenhouses (we don’t want to harbour pesky… er..pests do we?) and protecting our lawns. That should mean aerating our lawns to avoid them becoming compacted and stop them drowning when the rains come, as undoubtedly they will at some point.

Now, as I have said before several times you can aerate with a fork if you want to spend hours afterwards looking and feeling

like an old man (and in my case that’s not far off anyway) or you can invest in a decent aerator, like the neat little Einhell GE-SA 1335P Petrol Combi Scarifier / Aerator,

Einhell GE-SA scarifier
Scarifier at SCARY price: Einhell GE-SA 1335P scarifier/aerator

which comes at a crazy low price and will also scarify your lawn into the bargain for real total lawn care. If you are not sure what scarifying is, this handy link will show you. Oh, and while you are there, have a browse around. There are some useful hints and articles you might be interested in.

So, as I meander through this little Thursday blog, rather like a man who has had a couple of pints of Scroggles Red Mist at lunchtime (which I may have done) – and is slightly blurry of thought (which is always the case )  it occurs to me that this is an annual event. When Summer is coming I am not thinking about what I have to do in  the garden, I am thinking about having fun in the garden, having barbecues in the garden playing with my children in the garden. When September comes iI immediately start to think about the myriad tasks ahead. Summer slips away while we get busy. Reminds me of the Green Day song,  When September Ends, though not quite as hurty or loud. Or maybe ABBA’s Slipping Through My Fingers.  I guess It’s all part of nature’s way of keeping me occupied so I don’t notice the advance of the dark season. Fair enough.

In the meantime, there lot’s to do and if I hurry I can just get the MD Tondu around the plum trees. Now where’s my ABBA Gold album? Enjoy your garden.  Drew Hardy.

Hmm… ABBA gardening songs…

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