Battery power makes gardening simpler and more enjoyable

An increasing number of battery-powered lawnmowers and other garden machinery is coming on to the market.

These have many advantages, but principally lightness as there is no weighty – and smelly – petrol engine, the power is totally clean with no emissions to worry about.

And on the majority of these machines, once you have the battery and charger you will find that the same power pack fits many other items of garden machinery in the manufacturer’s range.

New and exclusive to MowDirect for this year comes Redback and its E137C Cordless Lawnmower is a little cracker.

Redback Cordless Lawn mower
No cable: Redback Cordless Lawnmower

The company makes its own batteries using Samsung cells, all 40V and with three different capacities.

The cordless mower has a 37cm width so it would be perfect for a smaller garden and with the narrower width it can easily scoot through most garden gates.

And with its light weight it is also easy to steer around trees and garden seats, much easier than a petrol version.

The grass box holds 40 litres and there are five cutting heights from 25mm to 75mm selected with a single lever.

The battery, not included in the price, re-charges quickly and there’s a display on the handlebars to indicate the level of charge.

It weighs 15.5kg excluding the battery.

The price is £199, £50 below the recommended price, delivery is free and there is a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

There is a wide range of garden machines in the company’s range and to give you an idea of what’s available, have a look at this one, the Redback E312D Cordless Grass-Trimmer.

The price quoted is for the tool only, but remember the batteries are compatible with other machines in the range.

The trimmer will work on any three of the batteries available, and certainly those used by the mower we described above.

Redback cordless grass trimmer
Light and easy: Redback Cordless grass trimmer

This strimmer is light, comfortable to use but very effective when it comes to neatening up lawn edges and other bits of straggly grass.

It has an aluminium shaft adjustable to suit the height of the user and is a well-balanced machine.

The protector next to the strimming head will save you chomping through the flowers in the borders and to feed out more line, just bump the head on the ground.

It costs £69, £30 under the recommended price and has a two-year warranty with free next working day delivery.

But remember the battery and charger are not included.

If you have any questions about these or other products please phone us on 08454 588905, we’re here to help.

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