Oleo-Mac Donald Had a Farm?

Oh, great title I hear you shout. You are a literary genius, puntastic and all that. You should be writing for Tim Vine or Milton Jones I hear you chant. You ask yourself “How did he manage to come up with such a clever link between the nursery rhyme and the leading Italian maker of garden machinery.” Er… not sure, I’ll try to think of something as I go. perhaps I dreamed it…er…whatever.

"Corrr! Look at the grass- catcher on that!"
“Corrr! Look at the grass- catcher on that!”

More important than my award winning titles, is the need to support Dick’s blog yesterday which offered his trademark, simple but vital information about these quality items. Yes, it’s stretching the pun a bit because we all know these are not full-on farm tractors, but bear with me. These are very good quality Oleo-Mac Tractor Mowers  They are powerful, well-built and, dare I say it… sexy as a Massey Ferguson.  I mean, come on…

I want to shout about this. Why? Well, you see, Oleo-Mac is sometimes seen as a minor brand, a mere flicker in the firmament of your Mountfields, Stihls, Husqvarnas and so on. NOT SO. Sorry, I’ll stop shouting. Not so.

The fact is that Oleo-Mac has been around for quite a while and has been a brand almost notorious for engineering prowess (even over engineering at times) and attention to detail, not to mention Italian style and the kind of value for money that makes grown accountants weep and throw themselves out of windows.

Actually founded in 1972, to make chainsaws (and these chaps still make some of the best around, trust me ) the brand has become incredibly popular in Italy and the rest of Europe, known for heavy-duty build and quality engineering and, for those in the know, Oleo-Mac machines, like their chainsaws for example, are genuine rivals to some of the ‘bigger’ names, passing and equalling them in tests of reliability, functionality and durability, but nearly always at a price that, if not making your gob actually smacked, certainly makes it feel under threat. It’s just that oleo-Mac just don’t always shout about it. Italian modesty? Well whatever. Shouting about this brand is our ob!

Oh, and some of our customers have been shouting about Oleo-Mac too…

“Excellent build quality”, “…the second Oleo Mac I have bought this year with my first purchase being a G53, that’s how impressed I am with the company and equipment, “Five-star product!” “Brilliant….wonderful looking machine, strong and robust build.”

So Oleo-Mac didn’t ever actually have a farm, and I’ve reached the end of this little piece without justifying my cringeworthy title. So sue me. It’s worth it just to give another shout-out out to this strong, uncompromising and resilient brand that offers great products at great prices without ever becoming arrogant. And that’s more than can be said for some. And with all Oleo-Mac products exclusive to MowDirect in the UK, we can happily say we are proud to be part of this brand story…or was that ‘brand nursery rhyme.’   Enjoy your garden. Drew Hardy


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