Easy Rider – Tough Decision?

Now, as Dick’s blog yesterday clearly states, the Lawnflite 2-in-1 Ride-On Mower is a fabulous piece of kit, amazingly well priced, exclusive to MowDirect and a great

Lawnflite: Mini Rider 60DS
Lawnflite: Mini Rider 60DS

all-round ride-on mower, suitable for a wide range of gardens. (no that’s not it above, it looks like this…(see right)

But do you need one? I mean, what is it that would influence you to make the transition between a petrol or electirc or cordless walk behind mower and a ride-on? What could possibly be the advantage of not pushing a heavy old mower around and, instead,  sailing away across the lawn free and easy on an enjoyable vehicle, mowing in double quick time, your best girl by your side as you ride off into the sunset…  not that I’m biased.

Basically what I am saying is, do you need a ride-on mower? The answer could be  yes if…

  1. You have a large lawn or lawns, say – very roughly –  minimum 6000 m2 plus (about 1.5 acres)
  2.  You have slopes and inclines that make pushing a mower difficult
  3. You have lawns that are far apart, i.e. need a marathon run to get to
  4. You are finding walking far or pushing a mower difficult
  5. You just fancy riding around the old property on one, having a jolly old time frightening the moles and impressing your neighbours.

Yes. Come on, admit it, they are also fun. Not that you want to get too carried away, they are still tools and you wouldn’t wnat to up[set the health and safety executive by misbehaving on one now would you? There are a number of things you shouldn’t be doing on a ride-on…


It's not a sports car...
It’s not a sports car…
...or a pick-up joint!
…or a pick-up joint!


OK. You might, in fact, even want one for a smaller garden many ride-ons, including the afore-mentioned Lawnflite model, will fit through a standard garden gate. This is particularly true if number 4 of the above applies to you.

And then. Having decided you do have a burning desire to get your hands on a shiny new ride-on mower, what type do you need? Do you want to collect grass or mulch? Do you need a really wide cutting width? Do you want to tow things and make the most of your ride-on? Do you have obstacles, (statues, flower beds, trees) on your lawn?

Under these circumstances, my advice is merely to take further advice. I could go into a lot of this now, as I have certainly asked these questions myself, but I think its about time you used our knowledge resource mowHow. This underground car park sized store of information, articles and advice will have all the information you need to buy the right ride-on mower, lawn tractor or out front cutter.

Just have a look here. And if that doesn’t work, either call MowDirect for free, expert, freindly advice on 08454 588905 during office hours, or I’d just take Dick’s advice and buy the Lawnflite 2-in-1 Ride-On Mower it’s very neat and at £1149, how could you go wrong?

Enjoy your garden.     Drew Hardy

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