Tackling the thorny problem of brambles in garden hedges

Here we are nearly into mid August and with the warmer temperatures the growth in the lawns has slowed a little.

But in hedges you’ll find this is the time of year the brambles put on a spurt. And while we realise that the perfect hedges should be free of such growth, there are many which have the odd root which has doggedly remained and now is growing really quickly.

Many a hedge which has already has its main summer cut is sprouting annoying sprigs which grow really quickly and manage to entangle any passer-by with their vicious thorns which can make a right mess of a sweater.

So here are a couple of trimmers light enough for the enthusiastic amateur to use and yet powerful enough to sort out any hedges now due an autumn haircut.


Mountfield MHJ2424 hedgetrimmer
Top seller: Mountfield MHJ2424 hedgetrimmer

The first is from a favourite manufacturer with the British, Mountfield.

Now although this machine is ideal for the keen amateur gardener it is nevertheless a powerful hedgecutter with 61cm double sided blades which can cope with those annoying brambles and thicker stems you find in thorn hedging.

Mountfield MHJ2424 Double-Bladed Petrol Hedgetrimmer is powered by a 24.5cc engine which fires up easily and with its 28mm tooth gap will cut through the thicker growth.

Balance is all important in hedgetrimmers and has that in spades so that even long runs of hedging are not exhausting. And with a rear handle which has three positions it is easy to use on hedge tops and sides.

One special offer, it costs £139, £40 off the recommended price and has a one year warranty.

And we deliver it free the next working day.

Tanaka TCE hedge trimmer
Japanese reliability: Tanaka TCH22E hedge trimmer

Japanese manufacturing company Tanaka makes excellent hedgetrimmers and you can see their whole range here including those made with estate workers and professional gardeners in mind.

The amateur gardener will find this one, the Tanaka TCH22E-AP2 (50) Petrol Hedgetrimmer, a great little machine.

This one weighs only 4.3kg and has 50cm blades powered by a 21.1cc engine.

This engine has been designed to start easily and has excellent emissions and fuel consumption figures and a big fuel tank.

The blades have a tooth bag of 30mm and the rear handle will rotate through 180 degrees. This one comes with a free safety helmet, visor and ear muffs worth £24.95.

The trimmer costs £219, £70 off the recommended price and has a five year warranty.

We deliver it free the next working day.

Have a look on these pages for a massive selection of hedgetrimmers and remember you can ring us on 08454 588905 if you would like our advice before ordering.




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