Get Attached to the Mountfield 1530M – It’s Agri-Fabulous

Well. Let’s look at an exciting scenario. Let’s look a couple of days into the future. You have been clever. You read Dick’s excellent blog on Wednesday (in reality – Yesterday)  extolling the virtues of the Mountfield 1530m Lawn Tractor and Mountfield 1530H Lawn Tractor  (same model but with a poky, gear-change-hassle-free and easy-to-use, hydrostatic drive) and admired the sleek lines, powerful engine and great cutting deck. And so you bought one of them, hooray, and have had it delivered assembled, tuned, tested, cleaned and polished all for for FREE.

Shiny! Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor
Shiny! Mountfield 1530M Lawn Tractor

It’s gleaming like a Jaguar, purring like a very friendly kitten, scarlet as O’Hara, new and lovely as Spring and it gives you a fast cut and great finish. And it’s fun to ride on. Brilliant. Good work. Give yourself a pat on the back. a well-deserved thumbs up and a small glass or cup of something while you relax after a not particularly strenuous mowing session. 

But what then? What happens in the Winter? Or when it’s too wet to cut? Or just when you need to, say, haul a shed-load of logs to your fireside for some serious cosy nights in with a mug of cocoa, a packet of hobnobs and the latest Walking Dead box-set?

Easy. The answer is attachments. Agri-Fab attachments. The Mountfield 1530m plus a Mountfield Tow Bar for using the universal hitchpin and hole attachment system opens a big shiny doorway to a world of garden haulage, dethatching, lawn rolling  and more.

So here are my top five attachments for the splendid Mountfield 1530M.

Get Carter: The Agri-Fab Tow/Push Tip Traile
Get Carter: The Agri-Fab Tow/Push Tip Trailer

1/ Agri-Fab Tow/Push Poly Tipping Cart. At £179.00, rather than the manufacturers RRP of £229, this great little tipping cart will have you hauling logs, earth, garden debris or adventurous and squealing small relatives around your property in no time. A steel chassis and a load capacity of 136kg / 300lb makes it ideal for a number of garden tasks. Oh, and as the title says, you can also push it by hand.  But where’s the fun in that?

2/ Agri-Fab 40″ Spring Tine Dethatcher. Be your very own sward doctor and let your lawn breathe again. This

Agri-Fab Spring Tine Dethatcher
Spring in its step: The Agri-Fab Spring Tine Dethatcher

Dethatcher won’t kick a woman Prime Minister out of number 10, but it will remove the choking moss and thatch that can make your poor lawn feel like it’s having a cigar in the middle of LA traffic. Look at what you pull out and you’ll realize that keeping a lawn happy, green and healthy involves more than just the occasional cut. R.R.P: £129.00 MowDirect Price only £105.

3/ Agri-Fab 36″ Tow-Behind Lawn Roller Whether you have problems with Moles, popping up and squinting blindly into the garden, you’ve juts laid some new turf or you just have a lumpy lawn, this heavy-duty and easy to use garden roller, towed behind your Mountfiled 1530M will get things flat and straight in no time.

Flat Out: The Agri-Fab Garden Roller
Flat Out: The Agri-Fab Garden Roller

With a £40 reduction on the RRP, our the MowDirect special price is Only £169.00

 4/ Agri-Fab 38″ Towed Lawn & Leaf Sweeper. Ah Autumn, she glides gracefully past the retreating Summer, russet curls bobbing in the breeze, her many coloured gown rustling and twisting as she moves elegantly through your garden, and dumps piles of crappy wet leaves on your newly cut lawn. Really. What is she like? Still, never fear. If you have a 1530M and the Agri-Fab 38″ Towed Lawn & Leaf Sweeper, you’re sorted. Attach it to the back, do your own elegant sweep through the garden and Robert’s your father’s brother. And all for the lowly sum of £249.00, £80 under the RRP.

Sweeping Statement: The Agri-Fab 38in towed lawn sweeper
Sweeping Statement: The Agri-Fab 38in towed lawn sweeper

5/ and last, but by no means least, why not spread a little happiness, not to mention seeds, ice melts and fertilizers with the Agri Fab Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader – 100 LB Tow. Made from rust defeating poly and featuring 255mm x 100mm – Pneumatic wheels this spreader will cover up to around 2000m2 with one load. The manufacturers RRP is £189.00 but the MowDirect special deal price is only £149.00. 

It Puts On A Lovely Spread: Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader
It Puts On A Lovely Spread: Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader



So there you are. There are other attachments but these are my favourite and all of them are available from MowDirect. They add value to your 1530m and make it an all year round, all purpose, all singing all dancing workhorse. Why not take a look here for other great attachments and accessories. That’s it from me today. I’m not around next week but I’ll be back the week after. Enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy





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