Ten machines to keep your garden looking its best through the summer

First it was the rain, now it’s the baking sun, there is no end to the different challenges the weather lobs at the gardener.

But at last we seem to be in for a period of warmer weather when we can get out and enjoy the garden and the summer parties anticipated for weeks as the rains lashed down.

So here are ten top machines to help keep lawns and hedges and the hidden corners in good condition so your lawns will impress friends and relations during the annual sausage cremation – the barbecues.

First, the hedges. You’ve probably already given them a trim but they could do with another haircut as odd twigs seem to have sprouted spoiling the look of a carefully manicured hedge.

Here’s a great hedgetrimmer suitable for most gardens.

Mountfield MHJ2424 hedge trimmer
Special deal: Mountfield MHJ2424 hedge trimmer

The Mountfield MHJ2424 Double-Bladed Petrol Hedgetrimmer (61cm blade) on special offer, has double-sided blades with a 28mm tooth spacing, enough to deal with thicker, woody growth as well as new, softer twigs.

The 24.5cc Mountfield engine e is easy to fire up and the machine is very well balanced making it comfortable to use over longer periods.

The rear handle has three positions making it easy to use of hedged sides and odd shapes.

It costs £139, £40 of the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a one year warranty.

If you have longer, thicker hedges of thorn or are a professional gardener, this could be the one for you.

New and exclusive to us for this year, the Tanaka TCH22E-CP2(66) is one special offer at £239, a very keen price for such a heavy duty machine.

Japanese designed, it combines excellent balance with low vibrations making it comfortable to use for longer periods.

Tanaka hedge trimmer
Low emissions: TCH22 EA Tanaka hedge trimmer

And with its PureFire 21.2cc engine it uses little fuel and has low emissions figures.

Easily started with just a light pull on the starter cord, it weighs just 5kg and has 66cm cutting bars with a 35mm tooth gap.

The rear handle rotates through 180 degrees with five settings making it easy to use on odd shaped hedges.

The recommended price is £419 but we have it for sale for £329 and it has a five year warranty.

Delivery the next working day is free.

Lawn edges which are neatly trimmed show off a garden like nothing else and here is a simple little strimmer, petrol powered and at a great price for smaller gardens.

The Mitox 25C Petrol Grass Trimmer has a 25.4cc engine and weighs just 5.1kg.

Fitted with a loop handle which makes it easy to us in restricted areas, it has a vibration damping system to make working less tiring and you can feed out more strimming line just by bumping the head on the ground.

This is an idea strimmer for lawn edges and is on special offer at £79, £60 off the maker’s recommended price,

Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two-year warranty from Mitox.

Mitox 33L brushcutter
Light and powerful: Mitox 33L brushcutter

And other from the same company is the Mitox 33L Petrol brushcutter.

Many brushcutters made to tackle thicker scrub like established banks of weed and bramble are heavy but this one is light and easy to use and has a 32.6cc engine.

As well as the three-toothed cutting blade it has a strimming head which feeds out more line when bumped on the ground.

It is supplied with a shoulder harness and that combined with a loop handle means it is easy to use and comes into its own in restricted areas where cowhorn handles can get in the way.

This one costs £139, £70 off the recommended price, and is delivered free the next working day.

With this machine you can also buy a hedgecutter attachment which has a 40cm blade for an extra £135,

Now a really heavy duty machine often the choice of the professional gardener and fitted with cowhorn handlebars which can be used in a sweeping motion so large areas can be covered.

Oleo-Mac 270T brushcutter
Professional machine, OLeo-Mac BC270T brushcutter

The Oleo-Mac BC270T Heavy Duty Petrol Brushcutter is new for this year and another exclusive machine and has a 27cc Emak engine from a leading European manufacturer.

The engine has been designed for a long life and has a 25.5cm three-toothed blade as well as a strimming head.

It is supplied with a shoulder harness as well as spare line and a face shield worth £15.

It costs £319.95, £120 off the recommended price and has a number of optional extras at special prices including a fuel mixing bottle, spare line and a 40-toothed metal blade for really tough work.

It is delivered free the next working day and has a five year warranty.

Now on  to some great lawnmowers.

The first is excellent for smaller lawns, is exclusive to MowDirect and represents great value for money.

The Oleo-Mac G48-TK ComfortPlus Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, available on special offer, is affirm favourite with previous customers as you can see from these reviews, and has a cutting width of 46cm.

Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower
Five year warranty: Oleo-Mac G48 TK lawn mower

Powered by a 140cc Emak engine, it has a 60-litre grass box and trundles along a comfortable 3.6km/h.

With cutting heights from 28mm to 67mm it can tackle lawns and rough areas like small orchards.

Giving great fuel economy it is built to last and has a three-year warranty from Oleo-Mac.

You can buy a mulch plug for an extra £20 if you wish to deal with the cut grass this way.

The mover costs £229.95, £90 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day.

And from the same stable comes the Oleo-Mac G53-TK Comfort Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, another on special offer which has attracted a host of good reviews from previous customers.

This one has a 159cc Emak engine and a wide, 53cm cutting width.

So this can take on lawn s up to 1200m2 and is especially suited to areas where a smooth finish is not so important.

Sturdily built, it has a 60 litre grass box and you can buy a mulch plug got an extras £60 if you don’t want to collect the clippings.

The cutting deck is finished with a powder coating to resist scratches and corrosion.

This one costs £239.95, an amazing £150 off the maker’s suggested price and ahs a five year warranty.

Delivery the next working day is free.

Mountfield SP 485HW lawnmower
Honda engine: Mountfield, SP485HW lawnmower

Now one from a favourite and long-established British brand.

The Mountfield SP485HW-V Hi-Wheel Variable-Speed Petrol Lawnmower has a Honda 160cc engine made to give year oif reliable service as well as low fuel consumption and easy starting.

It also has a special lubrication system and automatic decompression so that it starts with just a light tug on the starting cord.

The mower is designed with variable speed transmission so that you can slow up where the ground is uneven and speed up on the flat lawns.

It comes with a 70-litre grass box with an indicator to show when it is full.

Cutting heights are from 28mm to 87mm with six settings and the cutting width is 48cm.

The mower also lets you discharge cut grass to the rear and allows you to mulch it as well.

The costs us £399, £60 off the recommended price and it has a five-year warranty.

It is delivered free the next working day complete with a  bottle of engine oil to get you working straight away.

And if you have a larger garden to maintain, one of these two lawn tracttors will probably fir the bill.

Remember, once you have a garden tractor, it’s not just the lawn which will benefit as there are a huge number of attachments which will turn it into a year-round workhorse.

First, the Mountfield 1530H Lawn Tractor, a solid little machine with an 84cm cutting width and twin cutting blades to give an excellent finish.

Mountfield 1530H
Easy to drive: Mountfield 1530H lawn tractor

These blades also develop very strong air currents under the cutting deck and give excellent collection of wet grass, a useful attribute in the British climate.

Driven much like an automatic car, it has a 452cc engine and a six litre fuel tank.

Cutting heights are down to 25mm and up to 80mm ad the pneumatic tyres has deep treads to give a good grip and avoid scalping the lawn.

Other features are twin headlights and a fitting to allow you to attach a garden hose for easy cleaning once you have finished.

You can buy a grass defelctor to enabale you to cut long grass and drop it as an optional extra.

This machine can be delivered on a Saturday for an extra fee if you place your order by 3pm Friday.

It costs £1799, a saving of £200 on the maker’s recommended price, and is normally delivered free within two to three working days,

There is a five year warranty.

And finally, a tractor new and almost unique, one which leaves the lawn with a striped finish.

The Simplicity Regent XL/SLT200 Garden Tractor (with striping roller) has a 724cc Briggs & Stratton engine, a V-twin with low running costs and low vibrations as well. The secret to the stripes is a rear roller but for other less formal areas clippings can be discharged to the side.

Simplicity Regent lawn tractor
Striped finish Simplicity Regent XL/SLT2 Lawn Tractor

The wide, 117cm, cutting deck makes it suitable for larger lawns, up to 1200m2 and it has cutting heights from 38mm to 102mm.

It also has small wheels on the cutting deck to let the tractor follow the contours of the lawn without scalping it.

The engine has cruise control and there is even a cup holder as well as a padded seat to make this an easy and comfortable tractor to drive.

It costs £2799, £350 off the recommended price and has a two-year warranty. Delivery is free within four to six working days.

With the summer holidays now under way, the garden will get a fair bit of use, so keep an eye on our gardenig news to help keep it in tip top condition.

See our site for a huge list of gardening machinery and remember you can always ring us on 08454 588905 if you are not sure which machine is best for you garden.



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